You Just Forgot About Water-Facts & Importance of Water

You Just Forgot About Water-Facts & Importance of Water

Water has the most powerful healing factor & places like this where the water is blessed.

Why is it Blessed?

Because the vibration levels are so high, that the water has its own power. It gains its own power, the healing capabilities come in the water. The prayers, increase the vibration level & that is the reason the prayers become so important in one’s life.

That this water becomes so holy & it can heal anything in your body. That is the reason water is such an important factor in our life. Give back the healing powers in the form of water which is Sarovar Sahib.

Small things create miracles in life but we in the rut of our lives running after the bigger things.

Water being one of the biggest most powerful things on this planet we always can heal anything with water & Sarovar Sahib is a live example of how you can heal anything.

You can bless your water you can heal your water every day to consume that same water to heal yourself in day to day life.  And you will see that 80 to 90% of your diseases can be solved just by drinking or using that water.

By using this energize water you can heal 80 to 90% of your diseases.

So just everyday morning when you sit in your prayer take a jug of water.

Pray when you’re just giving your prayers put an intended that you are using this water for healing purposes of your family.

And do your prayers & just that much simple it is. And you will see when you will use that water in your day to day cooking or you use the same water for drinking that will start healing any chronic or disease within itself. 

Your body will start healing itself by consuming that water because our bodies are made up of 70 to 80% of water.

And we in our day to day life drink 3 to 4 liters of water. So water being an integral part of our day to day lives if we use this energized water you would see that with this energy you can shift your energy body, & in In turn, it will heal your external body. 

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Till then keep loving keep healing and I’ll see you in the next one.

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