Is Your Subconscious Mind Hiding Something from You?

Is Your Subconscious Mind Hiding Something from You?

We hate ourselves more than we love ourselves.

Do you agree?

Are you also one of them?

In my career of a past life regressionist, I listen & observe so many things which the soul carries.

The pain, sorrow, anger, anguish, hatred & every emotion which created a degree of extra pain, insult in that lifetime’s experience.

We all come here on the earth to complete & accomplish our lessons but instead create a bigger set of painful experiences for the lifetime’s to come.

Have you ever thought that any incident occurred in your life had a lesson hidden in it?

No, we never put a thought or even feel it is important.

We in the rushing of life just don’t wait & look at the situation occurred in our life as a lesson.

We take it as a negative emotion create a bundle of stories around it & then sugarcoat it in words

We tend to tell a bunch of lies to everyone around us trying to convince ourselves with the lies.

Then we expect things that are not working will work because we have wrapped them in the best of words.

The word training doesn’t shift the energy acceptance of the subconscious mind.

As the event is occurring both in the energy body & the mind are registering the sequence.

Both the mind & the soul are at conflict.

The more powerful one wins & mostly its the brain, as it gives the suggestions from the current life experiences.

On the other hand, the soul is guiding from the experiences of many lifetimes.

Despite our soul being more knowledgeable & powerful we still ignore the whole experience.

And we start training our subconscious-mind on the current experiences

We can hide anything inside our brain & train our subconscious mind to react in patterns.

It’s exactly like a chameleon, which can changes color & we shift the gears of our patterns.

The patterns are so mechanical in nature that we don’t even know when we reacted in

But what we forget is that we have a stronger subconscious-mind, which has registered all our experiences.

The experiences with which we live & pursue our entire lifetime, there are our survival patterns.

We tend to react in certain ways despite our willingness to leave them, but the subconscious mind registers & stores all the files.

These files are passed on to our next life through our DNA. Medulla plays a very powerful role.

The superconscious resides in the medulla & blocks the information if we keep repeating our stubborn current life patterns.

The medulla has the healing powers to heal the body, to destruct the body. When the conscious mind plays its games the subconscious-mind starts activating its patterns & the soul loses its power.

The soul resides its power & starts sending messages in the form of creating diseases in our body.

The part of the body which is affected is telling the entire story of the pattern of the person.

That which is of life he needs to work & take care of, which are the important lessons the person needS to learn in this lifetime.


A person suffering from a knee problem is indicating that he/ she suffering from that pain is unable to move in the direction of his desire.

But on the other hand, he might be thinking that he is not able to move in life on the work avenue, relationship or even money aspect.

But on the other hand, the soul is blocking the energy to give him the message what the person has left incomplete in the past life & he needs to now focus on that aspect.

But instead, the person is fighting & struggling the situations giving himself of not choosing the opportunities with the evidence his mind is presenting.

The struggle of the discomfort of the soul energy & body energy disturbs the whole vibration & frequency of the body.

Diseases are the signals that we are disturbing our energy, as the soul is blocking the energy.

It is not letting us complete the journey with ease & peace.

So what are you waiting for, are you able to take the messages of your soul energy or are you still stuck with your subconscious-mind patterns.

Once you hold your soul’s hand it will create a new world, new options & new beginnings.

If we choose the conscious mind we tend to struggle with the outer world for survival.

Whatever you choose in life creates your reality.

When you choose your reality, whichever it is be it the conscious mind or the soul journey, be at peace.

YOU are POWERFUL & create your own FUTURE.

Have you had any such experiences where you have felt the same?

Take a minute to sit in meditation, what might sound crazy to your conscious mind is what your soul is guiding to.

Identify the subconscious mind being so stubborn. Release the DNA Imprints, live a life you always desired.

Do drop your dream messages, would love to hear your soul’s voice.

Love & Heal

Richa Jindal.

The Womb Stories

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Are there different states of Mind?

Yes, there are 6 different states of mind. The observer mode & the awareness in you can help you read the different states of mind. What are the 6 Different states of Mind?

The general 6 different states of mind
1. Joy oriented state of mind.
2. Love Oriented state of mind.
3. Hate Oriented state of mind.
4. Fear Oriented state of mind.
5. Boredom oriented state of mind.
6. Sex oriented state of mind. What are the emotional dents due to state of mind?

Depending on handling the situations in our life we can deal with anxiety, arousal, flow, worry, empathy, boredom, relaxation & control.

What is an example of subconscious-mind?

Subconscious-mind carries memories, beliefs, fears and subjective maps of your experienced reality. The unconscious mind is powerhouse & can shift & bend your reality.

Are dreams subconscious-mind?

Dreams have a different set of meanings.
1) Dreams help process emotional states.
2) Dreams are the subconscious thoughts of manifestations
3) Dreams are the gauded secrets of some hidden hints of the soul 

The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Subconscious Mind Hiding Something from You?

  1. You are doing a great job & exactly that which i would like to search since many years. …finally i got it & i m so happy & like to know in detail everything. that we can prevent many lifes….

    1. Thank you Anita Parmar, I have taken up my soul calling as Guided by my higher-self to take this path of helping other souls elevate & heal their karmic pains & help them understand their karmic journey.
      Love & Heal
      Richa Jindal

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