The Working States of Mind

The Working States of Mind

An old proverb “A beautiful body is a result of a healthy mind”

Do you agree to it or have you experienced something similar?

We all experience it at some point of time in our life when we are struggling to survive in a situation.

When we survive & see what & how our state of mind responded in that situation, we see the altered states of mind.

The mind is the keeper of our thoughts which are connected to our emotions & in turn connected to the chemical reactions in our body & result in a healthy or a diseased body.

With the stress levels going so high, our competitive & analytical mind working like a chameleon, the frequency of the fear in our mind rises higher than what stress levels our parents dealt with.

The fears create a pattern every mind follows you are not even in charge anymore. It is like the program files running in the background of a computer even when you are working in the foreground.

Our mind patterns work on thoughts & the older we get the more difficult it is to break them.

It becomes like a rhythmic cycle, as an orchestra where our brain is the orchestra master who monitors our thoughts. We are not playing the rhythm it plays on an autopilot mode, where we rhythm plays the tune.

Every brain works on a certain frequency throughout the day & we constantly keep moving back & forth between these states of emotions.

The changes depending on our circumstances, lifestyle & relationships every person deals with their day-to-day survival.

And the body starts reacting in a certain way depending on the 5 Major emotional states  (anger, greed, emotional attachment, ego, lust) where the chemicals are released in the same manner.

That is when the body will register & emerge disease/ pain after the brain registers physical changes in the body. 

It’s like you can’t watch a movie/ TV for more than 60 seconds & you enter into an alpha state. A state of shutting out things, day-dreaming, meditating, a natural state of body & putting it to use.

A bad relationship keeps your mind occupied all the time & you are unable to focus on your career & other important things in life.

Like you just ended up an argument & your mind is so agitated with the bombardment of thoughts.

This, in turn, creates stress & anxiety & that is when the mind releases chemicals like epinephrine & serotonin. 

state of mind

That is when you start feeling depressed in the relationship & a new disease is born in the body & you just start dealing with these.

We all love to listen, read & hear motivational stuff feeling it will result in a better result. And it does affect us a bit to a certain extent.

But as soon as another similar situation occurs in life the brain chokes again & that is when the negative loop of thoughts starts taking its position.

You completely agree with what I am saying, as you yourself have been in one of such situations in your lifetime.

Now how is it possible to remain positive all the time, that is the question which is flashing in your mind. As you can’t control the situations but manage your mind. 

I always tell my clients don’t control your mind, since our childhood we all feel controlled by someone or the other in our life.

That makes us feel suppressing our feelings.

So if you control your mind it gives a feeling of more suppression & also a cause of poor performance & depression.

The best way to deal with your mind & thoughts is when they come to ask yourself

  1. What is it that I could have done in a better way?
  2. Stop the monkey from feeding you with the thoughts.
  3. What was the pain the other person was dealing with?
  4. What help could I have been in releasing his pain?

If you can be of help & support to some other soul, that creates a positive beginning in your mind’s eye.

This state can be achieved with the help of meditation where you can see the pain of the other person & see what is he/ she striking so hard.

That is how you shift & change your mind to a neutral state in any situation. Almost all the top creators meditate that is where & how they achieve success in their field.

As they know a calm mind can create miracles.

That is how the state of mind changes, converts & creates success, which we all long for.


Do meditate as that is the feed of your mind & soul both. To achieve a healthy body develop a healthy state of mind.

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Are there different states of Mind?

Yes, there are 6 different states of mind. The observer mode & the awareness in you can help you read the different states of mind.

What are the 6 Different states of Mind?

The general 6 different states of mind
1. Joy oriented state of mind.
2. Love Oriented state of mind.
3. Hate Oriented state of mind.
4. Fear Oriented state of mind.
5. Boredom oriented state of mind.
6. Sex oriented state of mind.

What are the emotional dents due to state of mind?

Depending on handling the situations in our life we can deal with anxiety, arousal, flow, worry, empathy, boredom, relaxation & control.

The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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