OMG! Can’t Fake-Law Of Karma-Karma Cause & Effects-How to solve karma?

OMG! Can’t Fake-Law Of Karma-Karma Cause & Effects-How to solve karma?

Raizel was 9 when she came running to her grandmother asking a question what is KARMA  grandma? 

And her grandma was surprised to see a young child at 9 asking for what KARMA is.

Hi, my name is Richa and I’m an energy alchemist who’s been taking you on the journey of YOUR Body, Mind & Soul.

Her grandmother replied in the form of a story, a beggar came to a king’s court & asked for alms. 

The moment the beggar asked the king said I do not have anything but leftover filth.

And he put that garbage in his BOWL.

The beggar did not say and just moved AWAY.

The next day the king woke up seeing down from his window the same FILTH which he had given the beggar was lying there.

He thought that the beggar had left that garbage deliberately on his doorstep.

The second day when he woke up the same garbage has doubled in size & started smelling badly.

When he woke up the third day the garbage has again increased in size.

The KING ordered his COURT-MEN to find the BEGGAR, the beggar was found. 

The beggar was asked that what has happened since I have given you this the GARBAGE has started increasing in my BACK COURTYARD.

The beggar said “O.K I’ll help YOU” reduce the garbage & he said something & the garbage reduced but it came to a small pile.

The same amount the KING had given to the BEGGAR.

The beggar told the king that this is your KARMA, you will have to complete this PILE OF GARBAGE, on your own. “I CANNOT HELP YOU”

I helped you remove every single bit of FILTH, but this is what you had given me & created your KARMA.

KARMA is such a simple thing we do not understand that the 12 LAWS OF KARMA are the CAUSE & EFFECT of whatever we create in our LIFE.

How we unknowingly create our KARMAS, is what you will understand through this 12 LAWS SERIES.

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