4 am Motivation-Gain Power Don’t Lose It-The 4 am Mystery

4 am Motivation-Gain Power Don’t Lose It-The 4 am Mystery

Early to rise an early to bed what is the science behind that. We always listen so much from our parents from our adults, that always sleeps early in the night and wake up early in the morning.

As you can see in the back when the morning #SUN is arriving there is a #Goldenlight & the #goldenlight when it enters our #energy body because we as a human body carry inside ourself the biggest asset which is our #energy body. 

And if this #energy body early in the morning connects with the #divine energy which is in the form of the universe available everywhere. 

Because everything existing in this #universe is #energy. So right now I am taking this #goldenenergy after my #meditation from 4 AM in the morning.  You’re seeing that the #goldenlight is entering my body.

So this #goldenlight is #healing my entire body, so once you start #meditating in the morning or you start early in the morning what you see is the rise of #highervibrations. Because this is the disunion from #negativepolarity. 

Because in the night the #negativepolarity is higher. We live in a world where there are two existing polarities one is a positive polarity & one is a negative polarity or you can call it positive energy & negative energy at the same time.

So when the going of the #negativeenergy & arriving of the #positiveenergy 4 am is the union of that particular meeting point. It is like the #universe mating & detaching from each other so this #highervibration time gives your body a lot of #energy.

Which helps to heal your #energy body & at this time your #subconsciousmind is in #alphastate. Due to your #brain in the #alphastate, it is in a calm state.

So it perceives all the information nature is giving you around in the form of pictures. You’ll see a very few things, that is the message from the #universe and when you take this #divinelight because we are here connected with the #highoctavepoint and when the light enters from the #highoctavepoint it energizes our energy body.

And this #energy in the morning is very light and it makes our #energy body lighter, in turn, making our outer body feel very light, calm and peaceful in the serenity.

With the day to day rush going on, we just forget to live our lives which is so simplified. So do wake up at #4AM in the morning, you would really find a difference.

Because once you start waking up in the morning at 4 you will start seeing that your performance increases as well because your #brain is in an #alphastate you get beautiful messages, beautiful understanding even on whatever subject you are studying or working.

If you are into #business it will you will see that it will transform your #business 10X because you always get such beautiful ideas.

Whenever you’re stuck up in life, you will see that you will start getting the answers for that. The reason is the universe gets connected. Both the energies get connected the #5Denergy & your #energy body is connected.

The bond becomes so strong that when you use that time when you wake up at that time you will see that you Unite with the DIVINE. 

So do wake up do #heal your body, the power lies within you.

Take full advantage of what is around you in the universe till then keep loving keep healing and I’ll see you in the next one.

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The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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