Sita-The Power House

Sita-The Power House

Epics are the most powerful story telling art forms in INDIA giving strong messages of living a powerful LIFE.

One of them is RAMAYANA, the tale of RAMA & SITA.

Sita had been depicted as the perfect wife any householder would want. She depicted the true power a women carried.

Today I will share her persona from where we have not seen her.

The life she led in exile, when she was pregnant with her sons.

This is the part which we hardly talk about, but here I am not talking about pitying her, but talking to you about the POWER A WOMEN carries as a CREATOR.

A women is most powerful when she is a CREATOR, when she is in her journey of 9 months.


A power quote we all are familiar with, but what most of don’t understand the true meaning of the saying.

The journey of GODISM starts in a women the moment she has the seed in her WOMB.

Now you would be thinking this is a natural birthing process, how does she convert from human to GOD, just the moment she conceives.

A simple fragile women who needs to be cared & nurtured transits into GOD.

That’s quite a story.

No, it is not.

When Sita had conceived, she was sent to exile, where she gave birth to two beautiful sons, LUV & KUSH.

But was that 9 month journey easy for a fragile princess in the forest all by herself, taking care of herself.

A women is most powerful if she knows & understands her true power, today I will take you through your own journey.

The journey of womanhood to GODISM, that is what SITA was & so can YOU be.

In your journey of the 9 months, what is your emotional processing?

You go through a lot of emotional turmoil, so did SITA.

She not only had to look after herself but also her womb, the children she was about to bring in this world.

Acceptance of your power within your self without self doubt, that is what SITA was. She knew her true potential & when the time came she used it to the fullest.

Look at yourself, you are the most powerful human on this entire UNIVERSE, breeding another powerful life within you.

Another aspect I would share with you is a mother sets the planets & destiny of the child.

Now how is that possible?

Examine this.

Any emotion you carry represents a PLANET, example courage represents planet Mars, authority represents the sun, Rahu representing your strong believes & so on & so forth.

During the 9 month journey what ever emotions you carry strongly will be placed in the child’s birth charts.

As the child is absorbing each & every emotion you are feeling during your journey. The DNA plays another major part as these emotions are carried along through generations.

There are trillions of cells in your body, and within each and every cell is the nucleus, the mastermind, for the blueprint of your life.

Within each nucleus are 46 chromosomes and within each chromosome is the tightly coiled DNA. A gene is a segment of DNA.

It is a well-known fact that the color of your hair and eyes are stored in the memory of your DNA.

But a lesser known fact is the stories, feelings and the beliefs of your ancestors are also stored in your DNA memory.

The stories recorded in your DNA determine the course of your relationships, your health and your wealth. What happens to you on your life journey is a result of what is written in the life code of your DNA.

Why can be emotions expressed, often negatively, within any organ or another functional unit of our bodies? 

We are the system where everything depends on something else.

We are composed of causal networks, where any change in its one part (eg: cutting our finger in the kitchen) can lead to dramatic changes in its other part (sudden drop in the blood pressure).

What becomes more important for you is to have your emotional ground strong.

Today I have shared the three most powerful aspects of a woman, I always believe her to be the strongest persona on this UNIVERSE.

What do you think, would love to read your strength meter.

Become the SITA of strength, the power & limitless energy.

If you want to know how strong you are EMOTIONALLY take this emotional audit survey.

Love your fears to EMBRACE them & move towards to create the WORLD of your CHOICES & POWER, be LIMITLESSNESS.

If you want to know how strong you are EMOTIONALLY, take this emotional audit survey.

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The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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