Heart Your Gateway Key To The Other Dimension

Heart Your Gateway Key To The Other Dimension

Heart is a place where we all keep our secrets?

Never speak, share it with any one.

Isn’t is so?

I know you might be thinking secrets & me, Na i’m a pretty straight book every one can read.

I have nothing to keep to myself.

Take a moment & think again.

There are plenty of them isn’t it, the small, the big ones.

Or may be a heart break or a hurt heart.

Either of them you start having a closing in the heart, have a hard time believing in people & start developing aura obstructions called heart scars

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What is the STATUS of your HEART?

Do share, I would love to read your comment.

So, let’s talk about your core which runs you & keeps you human, other wise your brain would have made you a machine or some other being you might not like.

So why is your HEART so important?

Your core(HEART) is the bridge to your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual being.


The colour of this chakra is GREEN, as mother nature, the true essence is GIVING.

Mother Earth never discriminates, it gives all it has & so is the true nature of our HEART.

The heart is the CORE of your body & existence, uniting point of your physical & spiritual body.

When you open your HEART CHAKRA, you are flowering with love, acceptance & compassion.

Let me share another important truth with you.

The balance of the heart chakra directs your ability to love oneself and others, to give and to receive love effortlessly.

To balance this chakra or to strengthen your CORE, you need to accept others as they are, with out any judgements & dogma’s attached.

You must be thinking what, how is that possible?

How can I not attach anything, where do I leave my BRAIN?


But look at it this way, what your heart carries & is made up of is pure love, compassion, friendly, empathetic, desire to nurture others and see the good in everyone.

If you add the assistance of your brain, you start diluting the purity of LOVE & stop feeling compassion for other SOULS.

It is possible in some situations & live events you may have faced with fatal experiences, but that are the lessons the SOUL has come to experience in this lifetime.

The source where we all come from, is all about & compassion. When we are with the source we are know no other emotion.

But the moment we come to the earth to experience, learn our lessons the SOUL experiences many emotions.

The heart is the centre connection of our body to our soul. The source only knows love & compassion, the moment the soul returns back to the source it is again full of love & compassion.

So it is only in this human body we feel all the emotions fear, anger, pain, hatred, guilt, unworthy.

But the true nature of the SOUL is PURE, unadulterated LOVE, no matter it is.

The heart if kept healthy & stress free you live a balanced & healthy life, but on the situation is just the opposite.

When this chakra is out of balance you may feel sorry for yourself, paranoid, indecisive, afraid of letting go, afraid of getting hurt, or unworthy of love. Physical illnesses include heart attack, high blood pressure, insomnia, and difficulty in breathing.

If your heart is deeply hurt it can result in the aura obstructions called heart scars. When you release these scars, they raise a lot of old pain but free the heart for healing, new growth & completeness.

The moment you balance this chakra you not only heal yourself, but also open the secret gateway to connect back to the true reservoir of love, the SOURCE.

There is no discrimination between any, there is no judgement, no good & bad there is only LOVE & COMPASSION for every SOUL.

The true joy of the SELF, all the GURU’S & MASTERS talk about only one emotion & that is LOVE.

No master teaches you hatred or revenge or jealousy.

They only breed love, talk about love & forgiveness.

Have you ever thought WHY?

The reason is it connects you to your roots, the roots of who you are, not letting you forget in the journey of life your true ESSENCE.

Let your LOVE free flow, your heart be compassionate to other SOULS. The true joy is in loving & giving, not in resisting.

Bring the TRUE JOY & COMPASSION Back to the SOUL & you will see the world turning around to YOU.

Make peace within yourself to let your heart free flow the energy & heal within.

If you want to know how strong you are EMOTIONALLY, take this emotional audit survey.

Love your fears to EMBRACE them & move towards to create the WORLD of your CHOICES & POWER, be LIMITLESSNESS.

If you want to know more about the ENERGY ALCHEMY of a POWERFUL LIFE & connect to the DIVINE write to us on connect@richajindal.in



P S: The SOURCE is the highest point of ENERGY, you very well know that everything in this UNIVERSE is energy & so is our soul. The SOURCE is where we all come from you might call him GOD, Jesus, Allah or what ever your religion or believe calls it.

Keep loving & Healing & i’ll see you in the next one.

The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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