Be it Bhagwad Gita or RAMAYANA, they are the most powerful scriptures giving a strong message to the MANKIND.

India has a rich & diverse culture with many scriptures, they take you deep into the SELF, to seek SOULFUL answers. They are scriptures with HIDDEN MESSAGES, where the reader needs to unlock the message to come out of the MAZE of LIFE.

Today here I am discussing as one of the MOST POWERFUL books RAMAYANA.

Ramayana has touched a lot aspects from social living to relationships & SELF.

As I am an alchemist, I will share with you the energy alchemy aspect from the EPIC.

As I work on the healing of the body & mind, I work with the thoughts & more with your inner world, which is your secret hide out of feelings & emotions, which rarely is shared with someone else.

I am taking a part of the RAMAYANA of the GOLDEN MRIGHA(golden deer) to unlock the powerful message in the EPIC.

Before we begin the journey of unlocking I would like you to know the characters of the EPIC.

In this Epic the major character is played by Rama(King), Sita(Queen), Lakshmana(Prince), Hanuman(Saviour) & Ravan(Egoist King).

The epic gives a social holding of all the characters, teaching how a householder should proceed his life, at the same time talking about the status of women in that ERA.

Rama is a GOD who is MARIDYA PUROSSHATAM(supreme upholder of rules) meaning not crossing his social boundaries & king with SOCIAL ETHICS. He always carried out his duties keeping in mind the to cater his duty of a GOOD SON & KING.

When RAMA was sent to exile by his stepmother for 14 years, SITA his wife assisted him along with LAKSHMANA.

Sita was a princess from Mithila, she was the daughter of MOTHER EARTH.

During the 14 year exile period SITA is abducted by RAVAN, as he falls for her beauty & intelligence.

Before the abduction of SITA, when she is in the jungle, she sees a GOLDEN DEER & asks RAMA to get her the golden deer.

Rama being the GODHEAD still goes hunting for the golden deer even though knowing that such a thing does not exist.

The thought in the human brain is also like the GOLDEN MRIGHA, even when we know that such a thing dose not exist, we would still chase it.

I am here taking about the negative thoughts, which keeps us holding back & not letting us move forward.

Take a step further in understanding the mind & thoughts the deep connection between them.

Your mind & thoughts are like yin & yang(negative & positive), they feed each other.

The human MIND (manas/ Purusha) is the potential GOD, whereas NATURE (Prakriti/ maya/ shakti) is always the GODDESS.

The mind is the GODHEAD & the thoughts are the illusion(MAYA-like the Golden Deer, which dose not exist).

The thoughts & their nature can even be further divided to understand it more in depth.

The MALE form represents the MIND, the world of thoughts. On the other hand, the FEMALE form representing the nature(of the thought), the world of things.

This creates the conflict in the inner world, even though RAMA knew that the deer did not exist, still he was taken by the MAYA, where he went chasing the deer.

In our entire day, we have 80% thoughts which are negative & repetitive, even though we know that they are like the golden deer we keep chasing them creating the illusional world around us.

These thoughts are our buffer/ cushioning from making us be in our comfort zone.

This helps us feeding our fears like fear of failure, fear of not looking good, procrastination, lack of courage, fear of uncertainty etc.

The 4% achievers are the warriors of their fears, warriors who can shift their reality from negative state to the achievement state.

I invite you to shift your consciousness of the current state of limiting thoughts supported with the evidence of your fears to the state of LIMITLESSNESS.

The way the universe created you to be, the achiever, the creator to be in the state of LIMITLESSNESS.

Don’t limit your journey of the SUB-CONSCIOUSas it is unlimited, & if connected with the UNIVERSAL ENERGY make you LIMITLESS, POWERFUL & the CREATOR of a new world.

Be the RAMA killing the Golden deer, meaning conquering your fears, STOP CHASING THE GOLDEN MRIGHA. If you are also the one who loves TO CHASE their FEAR & limit yourself, I invite you to take this new PATH. A PATH OF NEW BEGINNINGS & OLD ENDINGS.

The moment you EMBRACE your fears & move towards to create the WORLD of your CHOICES & POWER & LIMITLESSNESS.

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The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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