We all know what manifestation is?

Yeh! it’s a powerful tool.


In simple language it’s a law & is known as “THE LAW of ATTRACTION.”

I will explain it to you in a very simple & profound language.

If you look at manifestation it is attraction, but attracting what?

Now this is a big QUESTION?

We all try to manifest hard, some times we get results & some times we are unable to reach the desired result.

But why does this happen, even when the technique is the same.

So, technically if its a process then the result should be the same every time you manifest, but it differs, so why does this happen?

Let’s observe it as a viewer of your LIFE & not the manifestor.

There are two existing UNIVERSE for all of us. Now hear this closely, if you can unlock this you will be LIMITLESSNESS in your manifestation.

The first is the outer universe(world) & the second is the universe(world) within us.

The outer world would be more or less similar for most of us depending on the upbringing, social conditioning & status.

But the inner world is entirely different for all of us, it depends on the believes, thoughts, emotions & the DNA we carry.

This is a personal space which we don’t share with anyone it’s just about YOU. This is like a secret hide out for YOU, your thoughts & EMOTIONS.

This space is so personal that we don’t share it with out parents, spouse, friends or for that matter anyone.

It’s like our personal HIDE OUT of everything we are.

Do you agree?

Post in the comment box about your secret HIDEOUT.

So, now you must be wondering that what does all that have to do with manifestation.

It certainly does, if you have been observing the whole thing as an observer & not the person living in that body you certainly will.

Let me help you go a bit deeper.

You are in space A in your life right NOW & want to reach to space B & have been trying hard, what is that is stopping YOU?

Now when you are manifesting, & an incident from past experience attaches itself in the form of an underlying EMOTIONAL current, the manifestation will not occur.

Now you as an observer is viewing an incident occurred in your childhood, for example, we all appear for our exams & we all feel anxious in the moment of appearing or writing our exams.

Or on the day we are about to get our results out, we have a certain type of feeling going in our stomach, a tingling anxiety, which makes us restless.

Now, in the current situation if you are a student waiting for your result, a business owner trying to wait for your tender to reopen, waiting for your interview result, the same emotion & feeling of the irritating sensation in your stomach will occur & you will become restless.

Your body goes under stress, now this emotional feeling you must not have observed this closely. I have seen few people who before a meeting/ interview have a bowl syndrome. This is because your body part absorbs that emotional shock.

Now back to the MANIFESTATION, now with all that happening in the background & you are not even aware of this emotional undercurrent, the manifestation has a GAP.

We all feel that our entire life is an exam or some kind of marathon race we need RUN to prove ourselves all the time looking OUR BEST.


As an observer ask yourself, whether it is true or important for you?

I would love to read you comment.

If your inner world doesn’t match your outer world of emotional connect, the manifestation might not happen at your desired pace.

So, to use manifestation as the most powerful tool(which it is) you need to clear your inner world, to change your outer world of your desired reality.

We always work on our outer worlds, cleaning & making it look good, but we feel entirely the opposite of it in our inner worlds.

We were born with limitlessness, but our choices make us limited, choices of emotions we choose in any situation of our current state.

The power of choice of manifestation is in your hands, how you create your reality with the choice of emotions to create the desired state.

If you are also the one who loves their FEAR & limit yourself, I invite you to take this new PATH. A PATH OF NEW BEGINNINGS & OLD ENDINGS.

Love your fears to EMBRACE them & move towards to create the WORLD of your CHOICES & POWER, be LIMITLESSNESS.

If you want to know more about the ENERGY ALCHEMY of a POWERFUL LIFE & connect to the DIVINE write to us on


The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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