The journey from a follower to a leader.

The journey from a follower to a leader.


Are you the one who likes to LEAD or be GUIDED?

Ask yourself these questions do you know who you are?

How are you different & separate from the rest of everybody else?

Do you know what makes you unique & sets you apart?

Do you have a higher purpose a bigger mission for your life than just survival or you like blowing around in the wind?

Do you have integrity?
Do you live by principles and values that don’t change?
Are you able to keep your promises to yourself?

We often talk about keeping our promises to the world & following through with the world, But do we keep up with our promises?

Do you respect yourself enough?

Do you break through challenges do you see obstacles as opportunities or do you give up easily?

All of these actions will magnify your solar plexus chakra & magnify your influence in your personal power.

A powerful businessman or a leader walks into the room starts giving orders & everyone instantly follows what he says to do because they feel his power & to the leadership present in him.

Imagine that this successful leader also takes the podium, he or she starts talking & everyone is instantly in agreement because of their force of will & presence causes them to stand out as a leader.

Imagine the challenge that someone places where they know that they have to have integrity and that they have to do the right thing and they do it.

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Our confidence comes from our stomach, which is our second brain & a very high concentration of neurons are present in our intestinal tract.

The second highest concentration next to our brain. Basically, this is our second brain this is our gut knowledge, where we feel that sudden panic, like or dislike.

When people say they have a gut feeling that is another form of intelligence coming out of our natural intuition where our soul resides & projects energy out into the world.

Physically we can move objects we’ve got a strong body. But do you have a strong presence? The GUT projects our will power which is an invisible but very real force & as we become more sensitive. We can feel what our will is doing & when we’re trying to accomplish something. We’re sending the power of our will out into the world and drawing it back to us.

This is how we control things is with the strength of our will.

That’s how we can control this world and it’s important to know our will power, that’s how the LEADERS operate.

When we really start to prioritize our legacy & start to prioritize doing something amazing with our lives which is unique & different. We start to prioritize winning & that’s what this is all about.

Leaders have a good attitude towards winning & achievements, it all comes from this place in yourself this part of you that says “YES I CAN”.

YES I CAN, achieve what I set my mind out to yes I can do this right.

We cultivate that attitude of success, THE ATTITUDE OF LEADERSHIP within ourself.

While we are growing up we are given a value system by our family, which is our tribe. Our early relatives & friends program us with the value system we get for the first 7 to 10 years of our life & we believe what they believe, we do what they do, we think like they think. Because we’re small, vulnerable & young and that’s all we know about life.

And then there’s this moment in our teenage years where rebellion happens. It’s healthy because what we have to do in your teenage years start to differentiate us from others.

You have to define yourself as separate & unique, to be a LEADER.

anger, body healing, breakingoldpattrens, chakra, divineguidance, emotionalpattrens, emotions, empathic, fullfilledlife, happiness, hate, healing, highervibes, hurt, innerbeing, jealousy, love, manifestation, meditate, mindfullness, motherhood, pain, passion, purpose, spiratuality, starseed, success, universallaw, womenhood

This is about what we’re going to do differently from what our tribe & our family does. It’s about having a separate identity and value system that’s uniquely our own.

We are not followers.

We’re not here to just follow along blindly but to discover our authentic, unique light & bring that light into the world in the most beautiful & creative way that we can.

That is what is called Finding your life’s purpose.

But most people do not do that work. They are still caught up in the value system of their tribe, their family & they don’t individualize.

If you’re reading this I can tell you you’ve above the average mindset & you’re beginning to differentiate yourself on this path of INDIVIDUALIZATION, so congratulations.

Any criticism that you’ve received from your past whether it be from your parents, your teachers or your coaches. All got registered into your self-concept & the less you had the strength to build a self-concept that was separate from their approval that had. Your own innate worth you got influenced by growing up in those situations.

All that information about your SELF WORTH are still there, the things that happened to you when you were young are all still there seeded inside you. That believe of your self worth makes you separate from the crowd, stand tall as a LEADER.

Are you ready to lead somewhere that no one has gone before?

Do you want to be yourself or do you want to be a carbon copy of somebody else?

If anyone in this world wants to be their unique self, wants to create something new that no one’s done before, you have got to strengthen your solar plexus chakra, which sets you apart.

This is what will makes you unique.

Look we are all connected & we all are one at a higher level of reality. But that’s not why we’re here in these physical bodies.

We’re here to be our unique selves & there is nobody who is really like you but you have to have the courage, self-esteem & confidence to say that you know what you are good & different at.

You embrace & accept my differences & you are going to leverage them to set yourself apart from the herd(crowd).

If you want to do anything original in life you’ve got to strengthen your uniqueness, your individuality that you have which sets you apart.


You have a unique purpose now & you can’t live as everyone else lives. You have to live your path & your path alone. At times it can be painful & challenging, but the believe(will power) is much stronger than the pain.

Start with forming new habits & start with small & easy ones, easily perusable.

Don’t start with trying to change the big thing in your life you want to change. Start with something simple & easy, no fort is built overnight.

When you engrain this first habit it will be easier to do the second one because you’ll have big confidence that you can do it.

As you build that confidence you can then take on a harder challenge & the next harder challenge once the muscle is built.

Clear all the feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness or low self-esteem. That is preventing you from seeing the brilliance & the glory that you hold within.

Color : Yellow

Location, Body Associations-Core, Abdomen, pancreas.

Psychology + Dynamics-Separate Identity from others. Unique from your tribe and family. Unique Values. The journey of self-discovery and cultivation. Confidence. Leadership. Willpower.

Ways to Heal, and Cultivate-Break your bad habits and build new ones. Challenge yourself every day. Abstain from poor dietary choices. Make choices aligned with your own unique values. Develop focus and concentration through undertaking new challenges. Leave disempowering people and groups.

Powers Associated with it-Leadership, Command, Self Possession.

Legends-Alexander the Great, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs

Mantras- I am confident.

I am powerful. I create big goals and I focus on them until they manifest.

I am worthy, I am good enough. I am a high-value individual.

I have a strong mindset and I stay focused on the positive.

Are you present to open your heart, RE-KINDLE the joy of life.

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