Art Of Not Getting Off Track

Art Of Not Getting Off Track

With so much buzz in our life & the distraction going around it’s easy to get off track!

So how does one remain focused & master the art? This is the domain of the mind.

Are you the one?? who wants to have a higher perception, higher intuition & higher knowing? This is where you get answers to things through nonlogical means.

Some of our learning??‍? happens through logic.                                             

We Have another form of intelligence, which is our intuition which also helps us to capitalize, use & brings us the information.

That’s not logical☯️ but is truly based on the ?power of our subconscious mind ? & the power of our ?‍♂️spiritual abilities which we are still understanding.  Now I want you to ask yourself, Are you a lifelong learner?

Are you constantly ?reading, listening? to informative podcasts/videos & educating yourself?

Are you open to new ideas or are you open to questioning❓ old ideas? & replacing them with better ones that seem real?

Are you perceptive?

Are you ?observant?

Do you walk?‍♂️ around. We can learn? from everything?

And learning is the domain⩤ of the ?third eye, which is about understanding and seeing the truth䷼.

Once you understand & own your truth, that is when you truly master the art of getting off track, staying focused.


We can only develop it once our sixth chakra is inline, calm, understanding our thoughts, owning our truth & mostly knowing what we want.

Let’s dig a little deeper into your life, on what you want & how do you achieve it.

Why do we get off track?

We get off track because we do-not know the true purpose of what we want & most of the times what we are wanting to do with our life.

So we seek for answers outside or follow people who we feel have an influence on us or maybe someone who has done good in their carrier, we just take the safe path.

THE RISK IS TOO HIGH, we don’t want to afford it.

But what we don’t understand is that’s not true to our nature & we adapt to create our reality, but not true happiness. To find joy & happiness we keep jumping to different aspects of our life & hence the distraction.

Once we fix our mind to what truly we want or what truly our purpose in life is there are no distractions, no getting off the track.


The reason is the MIND gets focused on the GOAL, the achievement of the purpose is the only AIM.

If you are so far into the reading, I know you are looking for the true purpose, your true focus.

We all have a higher intuition, a guiding force in our life, to which we hardly acknowledge & are present to as humans.

Have you ever remembered or thought of something in your life & it just happened? Or an answer running in your mind as you were being guided & you hear the same answer from someone sitting across the table.

It’s your INTUITION, if you know how to master it you will never go off track. The power of our subconscious mind which is much stronger than we can think of.

That’s not logical but is nevertheless true based on the power of our subconscious mind & the power of our spiritual abilities.

There are invisible layers to the reality that connects us all. There are invisible threads that connect us & in fact, there is a world of ideas that is as real as we are. There are ideas floating around in the ether, in the world, we can’t see.

When you have a stroke of insight, you have that sudden realization about something that is that world of ideas that world of the ether coming into us.

I want you to think of your mind as a palace, a temple & only the finest thoughts, only the truth, only the valuable information should enter into your mind because your mind is really your space. So now think What you want entering into your mind palace?

If you allow growing subtle lower vibrations you know of noxious thoughts, negative thoughts loop into your mental space clouding you in this wonderful pristine temple of your mind.

So what kind of information are you getting in?

What are you exposing yourself to.

Just like we have a physical diet of foods that we have for our body.

We have a diet of information for our minds.

What is your information diet?

Are you taking or are you feeding yourself high-quality information from the world’s greatest books, thinkers, from only the highest quality of news & websites?

Rolling aimlessly on Facebook, feeding & filling yourself with all kinds of advertisements & random cat videos.

Only the finest pieces of information should be allowed to enter your mind because that information helps you think about, determines your vibration in life & attracts those people, situations & opportunities to you.

So what type of thoughts are you allowing into your mind?

Meditation is so important for the health of the mind, to strengthen our intuitive powers.

Meditation clears the mind & cleans out all of the excess thought from the day. Meditation cultivates an environment of stillness where we can clearly perceive what’s going on around us.

And without this stillness, it’s very difficult to tell what we should do & what we shouldn’t. Being completely still lets us see everything in our world & what’s moving.

This helps us learn to interpret systems of symbols learning to see beyond the physical plane into the world of ideas and energies.

Through random thoughts, you imagine & by cultivating your imagination & learning to perceive everything. With this new fresh pair of eyes, you’ll begin to uncover things in your world. That you’ve never seen before about yourself about those around you & about the universe at large.

The great learners & scientists of this bygone era of individuals like Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein fearless learners and seekers after the truth.

They have shown us what it means to live truly with an open mind & to allow their intuition to guide them.

Einstein would often remark that logic was actually not what truly made him a great scientist but the ability of his intuition to guide his hunches in the right direction.

The same can be said for our mind. Within us, there is a tremendous amount of information greater than our conscious mind only if we allow it.

Tesla showed us a few things as well. He showed us that he went through a tremendous amount of persecution and those who are not familiar with Nikola Tesla look him up.

He is the true creator of some of the modern technologies we now use related to electricity & the current car company that everyone talks about. The Tesla car company was founded in honor of his legacy & Tesla created technologies which to this day have not been fully developed and replicated including a method of wireless transmission of electricity across distance.

It’s important to know that while you’re on the journey of learning and growth sometimes you’re going to be rejected by those who don’t understand you yet because you may be ahead of your time and that’s okay.

Look to the heroes of the past for inspiration and for strength as you continue to learn to open your mind and access the gifts of your powerful intelligence.

We discard the other voices in our head that are helping to guide and direct us through our life. We discard our non-rational intelligence discarding all of it is. Just by imagination rather than your intuition & learning to listen to your own intuition is such a tremendous gift in life such a tremendous part of what makes you whole and what gives you your full power.

You’re overthinking everything you’re constantly looking for new information. Gathering new ideas & you don’t really have a sense of how it all fits together. Or what you’re using it for practically you just love information for information sake. Many runaway scholars get caught in this trap.

Are you allowing the information you gain that’s important to become practical & to apply because knowledge without application is useless?

In life, you will learn & see much more about how you really work & how the world works.

Start taking time out, many of your biggest problems in life will solve themselves with your own genius. Learn to slow down it will give you full access to your inner genius that part of you that is a genius.

All of us have this within us, but it takes stillness, inner peace & silence in order to hear the voices of our inner ingenious moving to our soul.

When you feel overloaded confused like you’re just taking in too much information and you’re not clear on who you are what’s even going on.

To see others more accurately and to see ourselves with greater clarity.

Allow yourself to let go of the conscious mind let yourself expand and become aware of all the sensations around you.

Color : Dark Blue

Location, Body Associations- The Mind

Psychology + Dynamics- Critical Thinking, discerning truth from lies. What are you allowing you in your mental space? Do you want to get smarter? Lifelong Learning. Intuitive understanding.

Ways to Heal, and Cultivate-Meditation is the single most important practice. Contemplation a close second. Learning to spend quiet time to think without distraction.

Powers Associated with it-Intelligence, Discernment, Revelation and Insight

Legends-Einstein, Newton, Tesla.

Detachment brings clarity.The answers are within.

Mantras-Seek the truth.

I am intelligent.

Are you present to open your heart, RE-KINDLE the joy of life.

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