How to Captivate Audience & Mastering Public Speaking

How to Captivate Audience & Mastering Public Speaking

Do you communicate powerfully? Influence them easily using your CREATIVE EXPRESSION?

I want you to imagine a famous author comes in a room full of people. He goes to for the book signing & everyone is just honored to meet him because of his words alone.

Everybody is now in the spell because they’ve developed the powers of their communication.

Ask yourself, are you sharing your truth with the world?

Are you confident in your communication abilities.

Are you willing to share the vulnerable authentic truth not the candy sugar coated truth you think people want to hear but what’s really true for you.

And most of all are you being honest with yourself in life because if you’re not being honest with yourself there’s no way you can be honest with the world.                                                                             

Just imagine a successful music artist steps on stage at the moment they express with their voice.

The crowd goes wild.

Can you imagine a successful public speaker captivating an audience?

Everybody is now in the spell because they’ve developed the powers of their communication.                                                                       

WORDS are so powerful they bind the invisible worlds together.              LEADERS KNOW THE POWER OF COMMUNICATION USING WORDS AS  THEIR BEST TOOL.

The throat chakra is a powerful & very important chakra especially now in the 21st century. In an age where mastery of ideas & transmitting information is like what makes the world go round.

Mastering your powers of expression are so important. The throat is the home of our expression.          

That’s because it is a channel that runs from our heart up through our throat & energy moves. If we’re speaking from our heart, it moves people through the throat chakras.

This chakra gives a voice to our invisible world of ideas.

Did you notice that with words alone we can then create changes in people’s feelings on any of these other levels? So through words, we can make someone angry, we can get into someone’s head.

We can make someone feel attracted, bring someone into feeling powerful, through words we can actually make someone feel motivated & inspired to get them out there & take action.

Through words, we can influence someone, to make them feel loved, feel the heart & connected.

Are you getting a sense of how powerful words are?

We literally, use our words to create real changes in people. Real changes in how they feel.

So the throat is such an important energy center to understand & to master.

It takes courage to express yourself authentically to come out of hiding. Not to say what everyone wants you to say.

But to say what’s true for you, what your heart believes in.

We live in a time when speaking the truth can be scary. Where people will judge us but that’s the choice that we have to make our soul speak our truth.

Once we learn to tap into our unique voice, the gifts, the opportunities what we can manifest is limitless.

As far as your personal & your professional success that it could be like the most important thing in today’s world.

So are you ready to share your truth,? Because your words create your reality.

Powerful words enjoin your thoughts & words act like spells. This is the power of words casting spells all the time whether you know it or not.

With words, you are casting spells on yourself & we can cast spells on others.

Words bring into us the vibration that we want to feel, so the word is very powerful.

Choose it wisely, Start to pay attention to how you use words in your life creating your reality.

Anyone who’s mastered the art of self-expression is a hero, but I particularly will talk about people who have expressed something extraordinary & yet not been validated until after their death.

These are people like Sylvia Dickens, Emily Dickinson, Franz Kafka were geniuses in their time.

They shared what as an artist or as a communicator needs to share in their period. It doesn’t matter what the audience thinks, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks.

So if you’re in a position where you have a creative gift to share or you want to share a message to the world don’t expect that you should instantly be validated for it.

Do it because it’s the right thing to do, that unique creative gift has been placed within you for a reason.

That message is within you for a reason.

Develop it cultivate it.

Don’t worry about getting the quick and easy validation of monetizing it. What it means to communicate authentically & be detached from the result.

Get in touch with your true voice.

Start to pay attention to how you use words in your life using words like.


I’ll try to get those words out of your vocabulary because it means you might not do it & if you might not do it you probably won’t happen.

There is no try to argue that so learning to use the words consciously is so important.

Try as one if is another one.

Us of-“It’s not then”- Then when is it?

When I become successful, if I become successful, right when I am a millionaire when I am in love when I am whatever right.

You’re programming reality, you’re programming your subconscious mind, so choose the words that you want to have happened.

You are more powerful than you think you are.

Most people think they are not totally powerful because they’re going around for themselves.

I’m not powerful, I’m not powerful, I’m not powerful, I’m not powerful, I’m weak, I’m disempowered.

I’m a victim I’m a victim I’m a victim.

And they tell themselves their whole lives, instead, you got to be like- “I am powerful I am whole I am creating my reality”.

Do you know how this power of the truth can change someone’s life and can change the world?

When we talk about people like Martin Luther King & the individuals who were ambassadors of truth in their time & who shared things that created conflict it created change.

I mean the truth can shake things up but that’s what we’re being called into doing to live our best & most authentic life because life is short.

It’s an important part of awakening your throat chakra. Before you communicate to the world, the true things you want to say you’ve got to be real with yourself.

You need to be honest about what you feel, about what you really think, about people & about your life & what’s real & what you think about your life.

All of a sudden there’s this power to change to create what you want.

And all of this happens here.

Just know that if you really want to share your communication you’ve got to do it with a narrow beam. You’re going to do it with a light beam like a sniper rifle, not a shotgun. You want to say what you need to say & allow people the space to say what they need to say.

That’s how you’re going to build an amazing relationship & create all the other good things you want to create as a great communicator

You need to do this and you got to find your voice again, Get in touch.

Develop a new rapport with your unconscious mind, you will know exactly what you want to say.

Join a group & start public speaking, start a blog.

It means getting your communication out into the world in a way that people can receive and give you feedback.

This is like the hardest time you did the hardest thing to do is to start. The hardest thing to do is to start.

The hardest thing is to get out there the first time.

But once you get through that first time, you break the ice it’s a pure joy to know that you’re being heard, felt & received by others.

It’s so fulfilling but you’ve got to get over the fear of judgment from your communication.

Set yourself up & say I’m going to start this blog by this date & I don’t care.

Start putting yourself out there & you’re not going to care about what people say about you.

Instead, you’re going to be proud of yourself for speaking your truth & putting yourself out there.

You’re going to realize that you have some things to say to a lot of people, a true message, and you’re going to reach out.

Manifest your choices because there is a mysterious connection between within us Universe outside of us.

Color : Blue

Location, Body Associations-Throat, Thyroid

Psychology + Dynamics-Trust in yourself and that its ok to speak your truth. Ability to confide in the world, ‘confidence’. Ability to stand up for one’s self and not repress truth. Mastery of Creative Expression.

Ways to Heal, and Cultivate-Hypnosis, Manifestation

Powers Associated with it-Hypnosis, Manifestation

Legends- Music Artists, Orators, Prophets

I tell the honest truth. My communication is my art.

Mantras- The Truth is what is most important.

I express my feelings whether or not it is comfortable.

Life is a chance to communicate with the world.

I love to speak and express.

Are you present to open your heart, RE-KINDLE the joy of life.

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