How To Gain More Confidence & Excel In Life?

How To Gain More Confidence & Excel In Life?

LIFE is about ACHIEVEMENTS, LEADERS are those who know how to come out of their COMFORT ZONE.                                           

Questions you should ask yourself is are you enjoying your life?

Are you in touch with your feelings?

What’s your relationship to your emotions?

Are you scared of them to push them away or do you ride them?

Can you ride those waves?

Do you enjoy your sexuality or is it something that scares you that you want to avoid?

How are your friendships.

Do you have social circles of people that you enjoy being around?

Are you happy?

Do you like hanging out with your friends and spending time with your the people that are close to you Or do they annoy you?

Do you have a lot of enthusiasm?Do you have trust in the world?

That’s the foundation of all of it.

Do you remember that group of popular kids in high school or college sitting around the table making inside jokes & feeling better than everyone that everybody kind of hates but secretly everyone also wants to be?

We all want to be popular, famous & admired, isn’t it?

Actor or actress who is charismatically able to just suck you in & just enjoy themselves so much that they’re a pleasure to watch is all part of the power of the sacral chakra.

It has to do with your charisma & it’s like a magnet.You just feel pulled.

Do you have those people in your life who seem to just have an abundance of resources and relationships & they get everything they want & you kind of resent them for it?

But you also respect them.

So how do we do that.

It begins with an abundance mentality.

The Sacral chakra thrives with an abundance mentality which is the belief that there’s enough. I’m enough that there’s enough to go around in the world there’s enough money, there are enough relationships, there’s enough opportunity & there is no scarcity mentality which is what most people are operating out of.

And it’s this very black and white mentality which is not really the true mentality & magnifies the joy in the world it magnifies the opportunity by seeing it everywhere & realizing and experiencing that there’s a lot of fish in the sea.

There’s a lot of money out there. There’s a lot of everything for all of us.

And even if it’s hard to believe that start to just starting to just believe the mantra & allow yourself to feel the abundance that is present in the world for all of us.

And living from that abundance feeling that you could have what you want and that it’s ok. Granted it takes time between having this mindset and then getting what you want.

But plant the seeds of there’s an abundance for all of us.

When you believe in ABUNDANCE & there is enough you feel the confidence within. Leaders always believe in abundance & know that they just need to manifest & they will be in the right place in the right time guided by the UNIVERSAL ENERGY.

At times we feel guilt & shame within ourselves about our body, the way we present ourselves, lack of knowledge or even not good enough.

Do you feel ashamed of something in yourself?

Shame is the ultimate killer, the most toxic emotion that is actually even worse than fear.

It blocks & obscures the joy of life because we feel unworthy and we feel ashamed to enjoy ourselves.

Shame is such a toxic emotion and when we feel ashamed we feel it’s something wrong with us. It’s different than guilt because guilt is something that happens for something we did specifically. And that guilt can be changed or healed or you know you can then make up for it.

But shame has to do with intrinsic low self-esteem or something wrong with us & is much more difficult to clear.

We’ve all experienced some shame at some point whether we were made fun of or we felt not attractive enough or whether our partners or our lovers hurt us or criticized us & made us feel ashamed of our sexual nature.

That can be a really hard challenge that we are nowhere to overcome, we can overcome the challenge of shame with ruthless self-love. You will need to learn self-love. All leaders & charismatic personalities know the importance of self-love & accepting their sexuality.

Release the shame & have the courage to believe that that’s all just a lie & any of the shame you’ve imagined of why you’re not good enough. All the reasons you have aren’t real & going out there and healing this part of your life attracting new friends and new situations into your life. By changing the story you’re telling is the key to healing & letting go of the areas where you feel that you’re not good enough & that you don’t deserve joy because you do.

Good friendships, Good sexuality.

Let me teach you one of the secrets of manifestation & attract where YOU are like a magnet.

By programming your desires & feelings you will naturally attract them to you. You have to feel them because when you are allowing yourself to feel your desires how good they feel how much you want them you are actually telling the universe to bring them to you.

Mentally to know what you want is not enough alone. You have to fill yourself with the feeling of it right.

If you’re like I want to be a great LEADER & I want passion, you need to feel it from your core, you need to act like a LEADER.

If you’re thinking about you wanting this new car or you want this new job feel how good it’s going to feel to manifest that into your life.

Let the sacral chakra open & feel it even if it’s not real, but by feeling it you will make it real you will start to believe it & you’ll start to notice the new opportunities & changes in your life you will start attracting.

You already have that energy of magnetism working for you & you have this power to draw in the people and the opportunities and the experiences that you want to have by embracing desire.

King Solomon one of the greatest, wisest & wealthiest men of all time said Desire is a tree of life desire is not evil it is not wrong it is healthy to have desires.

It’s healthy to have desires, that’s part of why we enjoy life. That’s part of why we’re here.

One of the legends, Oprah Winfrey, Why is she so successful, why so many people trust her, why she’s got such a following?

Oprah has really fine-tuned her sacral chakra & she allows people the space to feel she can hold space for the feeling when people walk onto the stage and they talk to Oprah.

They sit down & start to open up & she knows how to ask the right questions because she’s sensitive to them, she can feel them. She doesn’t push people too hard.

Your sacral chakra is the key to empathizing and sensing what other people are feeling.

A lot of times we all ask questions with this very judgmental motivation & we’re trying to like get an answer that we want.

But LEADERS open space for people to express their feelings into & so the path of developing your sacral chakra. Learn to create that space where people can just expand into space you’re holding for them & you’re not judging you’re just listening & you’re curious.


Usually, were held captive by the voices in your head telling you why you’re not good enough.

Take comfort zone challenges where you challenge yourself & start doing things that break the rules in your mind that are supposed to keep you safe. That is what the LEADERS do they step out of their comfort zone & do what is unconventional.

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We have these rules that keep us safe & in preventing us from actually stop us from fully living the life we are born to live. And we’ve got so many rules invisible rules around us that we don’t even realize that we constrain our goals.

You’ve got to go out there and stop caring what anyone thinks because when you care about what people think of you. We shut down & basically declare to the world we don’t deserve to feel unless the world approves of our feelings.

Think about that when you care so much of what the world thinks of you you’re giving the world power over your emotions.

Don’t ever do that, because no one likes a weak person who gives away their emotional power to the world & is looking for approval, validation.


Color : Orange

Location, and Body Area-Hips, genitals.

Psychology + Dynamics- Polarity. Like and Dislike. Fun and not Fun. Sexual Openness, Flow of Emotion. Social Abilities.

Ways to Heal, and Cultivate- Dance. Going out to Socialise. Talking to new people. Laughing and Playing. Doing things that are beyond your comfort zone, entering into creative play. Healthy Sexual Experiences.

Powers Associated with it- Attraction and manifestation. Charisma.

Legends- Celebrity Entertainers(Oprah), Models, Actors

Mantras- I believe I am attractive and sexy.

I am fun to be around.

I am always spreading more joy in life.

I believe I am abundant and attract the opportunities and resources that I desire.

I am comfortable feeling emotions.

Every moment is an opportunity to play

Are you present to open your heart, RE-KINDLE the joy of life.

Help yourself heal & revel the journey & Re-Kindle your past life Karma, LET’S MEET LIVE.

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