How to Deal with Heart Breaks?

How to Deal with Heart Breaks?

We all receive heartbreaks ? as we get older and we start to shut the center down.

We start to close our ❤️hearts and it’s ☹️sad but this is part of what happens.

Sometimes that heartbreak? or that bad breakup or that divorce was the force through which the ⚡️light entered your life.

And without that ?heartbreak you would be still closed & in a shell  ? and that person who hurt you the most can also be the person who opened you to the realisations of? love at a deeper level.

And had you forced to go inside yourself to discover the way to love yourself not to look for love from somewhere else.


*Am I generous with my time and talents do I give to others without expecting a return.

*Do I give off myself without needing to get something.

*Do I feel happy.

*Is there resentment in my ?heart.      

HEART is the bridge between the world of ideas & spirit. The world of physical life & the heart is so important because this is the center of our life for us when a child is being conceived.


The heart is one of the first organs to be created and start beating, WHEN YOU ARE CREATED IN THE WOMB.

It is like the beginning of any creation being manifested into the world. The heart is this deepest part of ourselves.

There is the endocrine glad that the heart is associated with is the thymus in Greek it’s the timeless and in Greek it means the soul of life.

Until recently scientists thought that this time most really didn’t serve a major purpose in our life because it atrophies during puberty it’s very big in childhood and then it dies as we get older.

I’m just putting this out there for you to consider that perhaps as a child our hearts are so open we love so much we love our parents we easily feel these connections and then we all receive heartbreaks as we get older and we start to shut the center down.

We start to close our hearts and it’s sad but this is part of what happens.

And if you’re here the great thing is we got to do healing work of revitalizing our hearts.

Every day our heart deals with receiving & feeling it’s not about creating action and creating something in the world. It’s about the world of feeling and relationships.

Especially in the domain of relationships, is what the heart is all about the relationship to yourself & relating to relationships with others, to the source & our spirit guides.

HEART can create heaven on earth. We can create a beautiful world because we all ultimately want the same things.

The house of the heart is vast within lies your great love and you’re a great gift.

The cracking open of the heart & receiving the gifts within your heart requires sometimes some pain & you must understand that the pain in your life, the heartbreak you’ve experienced is there as a tool & as a gift crack you open.

That heartbreak or that bad breakup or that divorce was the force through which the light can enter your life.

And without that heartbreak, you would be still closed and in a shell & that person who hurt you the most can also be the person who opened you to the realizations of love on a deeper level.

Which forced you to go inside yourself to discover the way to love yourself not to look for love from somewhere else.

This is the human hero’s journey that we are all on is learning how to love ourselves & learning that the people who we think hurt us. The people who we blame are actually OUR LIFE’S teachers & if we can forgive them for what they’ve done & realized that they don’t know what they’re doing. We can then come back into that wholeness of our heart which makes life wonderful.

The heart governs your relationships & if your relationships in life are shallow, It’s a reflection of a poor heart that needs love and attention.

You can make any relationships stronger if you feel that like your relationships. You’re weak because you’re blaming others, you have resentment & blame everyone in the world.

The truth is we choose to have our hearts broken.

We create these situations and we hold on to that which blocks us from love.

If we can choose to have these heartbreaks then we can also choose to forgive and to laugh because it feels way better.

That’s not everyone in the world that’s your heart calling for love and attention that’s the healing you need to do within yourself.

We have to take the sponge to wring out all of those old emotions letting go. We use sadness as an emotions tool & therefore they’re useful & wonderful helping us gain sympathy.

The key to unlocking the heart is forgiveness.

heart break

How do you forgive someone when you hate them so much when you resent them and everything they’ve done to you.

The key to forgiveness is not In excusing people for wrongdoing because we have to hold people accountable to what they’ve done.

Rather it’s in realising that we’re all on a learning journey.

Every one of us is on a learning journey here on this plant & accept that you’re learning that therefore they are learning too.

You have to forgive them because they didn’t know what they were doing.

They perhaps grew up in pain & suffering. They didn’t know what they were doing.

That’s how you can forgive them because it was never about you, it was about THEM.

Forgiveness awakens the heart. Forgiveness opens the love.

This is when the healing takes place.

Because broken hearts create more broken hearts but happy hearts want to create more happy hearts.

You may have anger issues you don’t want to get angry at anyone you just want the love because you’re so attached to it.

But what you really need to know is that love is good, the love is there & you need to balance in the other areas of your life and you don’t need to try

The heart is the center of Divine Love in relations that you have to create. The heart creates whoever or whatever you project onto that & as this is the home for the relationship to the creator, this love when it awakens you begin to see God everywhere & you start to see God in everyone.

When pure love awakens you suddenly see with your eyes of love & you see how everyone is connected you see. How you’re not separate from anyone else & it changes you & this love can be scary to many people.

You send them with that good intention and that positive vibration but you know that this is their road & you have to walk yours.

So where are you.



Separate isolated, alone.

Healthy, connected, hopeful and grateful to be alive.

Or blown way up in just trying to find as much love as you can from everywhere.

Tony Robbins works with super successful people & he says the gratitude practice is like the most important thing.

It’s scientifically proven to improve your overall happiness & lower your stress levels.

Great Master knew the power of the HEART, as all the HEALING work happens here. 

OPEN YOUR HEART?, because the heart is the center of happiness, BE grateful to be alive.

Color : Green

Location, Endocrine Gland, Color Associations- Heart, Thymus.

Psychology + Dynamics-Ability to love self, and love others. Giving and Receiving. Moving out of Ego Thought Patterns and seeing the world as an interconnected whole. Generosity and giving. Deeper interpersonal relationships.

Ways to Heal, and Cultivate-Practice loving kindness every day. Meditation, during meditation your inner conflicts and hate will automatically resolve themselves. Practice a daily gratitude journal. Forgive those who you have resentment towards.

Powers Associated with it-Healing powers, Empathic knowledge, Spiritual Gifts

Legends-Jesus, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa

I am connected to this world and all of the universe.I feel a strong deep love in me.

Mantras- I know that I am loved, and I share that love with others.

I forgive all who have wronged me and I will let love win.

Are you present to open your heart, RE-KINDLE the joy of life.

Help yourself heal & revel the journey & Re-Kindle your past life Karma, LET’S MEET LIVE.

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