How can we overcome fear and become fearless?

How can we overcome fear and become fearless?

Do you fear failure or fear of rejection?

Do you feel weak & keep making excuses to take decisions in moving forward in life?

We all love to feel, be strong & in control of the situation. But most of the times we are locked up in our own web of thoughts & feel fearful for the times to come ahead in life.



We are all part or this great UNIVERSE even before we are born to choose a set of parents.

But we forget to be connected to our roots, our roots are connected with the earth, we draw our strength from the earth.

If you want to be & feel powerful at all times strengthen your roots.

A tree can’t bore good & healthy fruits if the roots are not healthy. Not only that the tree itself can’t be healthy if the roots are not strong & nurtured & nourished well.

Root is all about empowerment, it is where the power lies.

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So first focus on strengthening your roots.

The reality is you are the creator of your life and you are responsible for what’s happening nobody else, not even your family.

You are the one who is responsible for creating your reality and people who are blocked and broken root oftentimes are caught in a cycle of victimhood.

It’s easy to constantly feel like a victim. To feel like a victim can be great because it allows us to project energy outside and say oh it’s their fault that these bad things are happening in my LIFE.

I don’t have to take responsibility. I don’t have to change.

I don’t have to experience discomfort because ultimately it is the root is getting affected, arising of the root chakra issues in our lives, it’s just that we want to be comfortable.

We want to sleep in the comfort zone, we are not ready to step out. We don’t want to face the world.

We’re caught in that victim mentality.

So we have to first shift this mentality and declare to yourself that I’m only responsible for everything happening or even happened in your life. And you have the power within yourself to bring the new change.

Because if you what POWER, I need not say, with great power comes great responsibility.


Well, it works the other way too with great responsibility comes great power because you accept that you’re creating your life and that you can go out and create the changes that you want to see.

So the root chakra is all about empowerment. Colours play a great role in our life that is the reason colour RED is associated with POWER.


So get in touch with that power within yourself and don’t think that you’re a victim to anything or anyone.

You have the power to make the changes that you want to make.

People who don’t have a strong root chakra usually lose track of time.

People who have strong root chakras are time sensitive. They know & understand the value of time. TIME can create MONEY, instead MONEY can’t create TIME.

Are you somebody who is not aware of time & can’t keep good track of it?

If that’s you, you’ve got to learn to ground yourself and pay more attention to the power and the strength of your roots. Because it’s disrespectful to lose track of time.

People with weak root chakra also have problems saying NO & to don’t have a strong set of boundaries, as setting boundaries is really important.

Being comfortable with anger is really important.

Anger is one of the emotions of the root chakra.

So if you’re one of those people who think anger is bad or you think anger is something you should repress you’re probably repressing the gift of your root chakra anger.

Saying NO is the ability to define boundaries in your life and cut yourself off from influences that aren’t good for you.

It’s part of your natural defense mechanism your natural protection mechanism.

And if you find yourself getting pulled into things you don’t really want to do you feel obligated.

That’s because you haven’t rooted yourself.

So if you’re living in that reality you probably won’t be able to say no because you’re afraid of making someone unhappy.

But the roots are here to ground you & remind you that you’re not alive for anyone else.

You’re not here to live your life for someone else and give yourself away to them.

You’re here for you & you’ve got to own that and accept that this is part of the keys to being financially successful & taking care of yourself and getting done what you’ve got to get done and saying no defending your time and your space and your energy has a place in your life.

And anger can create boundaries around yourself and that has a place in your life.

So if that’s one of the areas where you need to work on saying NO & accepting your anger and channeling your anger & you will begin to see things differently.

The next time somebody asks you “DO you want to go out to have a COFFEE” you might need to say -“NO it’s nothing personal but I’ve got other things I need to do”.

Look, many of us are afraid of feeling free and that’s why we over plan our lives.

The root chakra is really here to tell you to look to let go because you as a human, you’re here for a short time on this earth.


I want you to feel just how free just how powerful and just how much opportunity you have.

Not often most of us imagine future but right here right now is ongoing LIFE, the present moment, the current status. BE IN THE MOMENT.

Great athletes, great soldiers, great warriors all have one thing in common they all had well developed the root chakra. They can just be in the moment where they can move and capitalize on the opportunity. They allow themselves to embrace that physicality.

Another great way to tell if you’ve got a strong root chakra is determining whether or not you are conflict-prone conflict comfortable or conflict-averse.

What does that mean?

Are you going out of your way to seek out conflict?

Are you a warrior and do you look for opposition and smash into it?

Do you look for disagreement & smash into it with an argument.

This indicates a root chakra is a little blown open.

If you’re comfortable with conflict it really is just kind of in the middle of that scale that I mentioned. It means that you’re not afraid of a fight.

You’re not afraid to take on somebody for what’s right you’re not afraid to stand up for yourself.

And if you’re conflict averse it means you actually run from conflict.

You try and ignore conflict. You almost try to pretend the conflict doesn’t exist.

There is a conflict going on within ourselves, the mind is in conflict with the heart.

Conflict is a part of life on Earth & this is part of the domain of the root chakra and this is one of the lessons that the root chakra has to teach us is learning to stand up for ourselves. Stand up for what’s right.

The root chakra is part of how we numb ourselves out if it’s closed.

You see the root chakra can store trauma especially early childhood trauma having to deal with not feeling safe having our survival threatened.

If we don’t go back & heal that trauma it will always be there & sometimes we even try to numb ourselves out to the feeling of being in the present moment.

And many people do this through a number of different ways the ways that we numb out through overeating & put on extra kilos.

We also do it through numbing ourselves with entertainment and electronic gadgets.

And that’s one of the also one of the reasons that the root chakra today is very weak in our society because Indians spend 11 hours a day in taking digital media.

It’s totally insane, but TRUE. This is the latest.

You have so much energy already inside of you that just naturally wants to come out.

So that is the gift the root chakra wants to give you is that gift of high energy levels of a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

And the power lies in unlocking this gift, of our true potential.

Let’s talk about real-life examples of heroes who’ve really mastered the root chakra-ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER.

He was from an Austrian town started out with next to nothing from a small village & wouldn’t have listened to his family, the society he would have stayed in that little village for his entire life.

But he didn’t do that.

Arnold embraced the root chakra early in life, he became a soldier.

He started working out his physical body & found joy in physical life. For Arnold working out in a gym was not a task or a chore.

It was a joy.

48, anger, body healing, breakingoldpattrens, chakra, divineguidance, emotionalpattrens, emotions, empathic, fullfilledlife, happiness, hate, healing, highervibes, hurt, innerbeing, jealousy, love, manifestation, meditate, mindfullness, motherhood, pain, passion, purpose, spiratuality, starseed, success, universallaw, womenhood

In his interviews, he shared, how good it made him feel to lift weights in the gym & it also made him feel good because he knew that every single time he went to lift he brought himself closer to his ultimate goals.

Arnold ignored every single NO sayers of his life.

He with a strong root Shakara directed himself towards his goals and he blocked out any of the excuses that might have taken him away from his GOAL. Had he listened to the pitch of his father who didn’t want him to lift weights? He wouldn’t have been the man we know of.

In fact, his dad didn’t understand his weightlifting passion until way later in life after he’d already won Mr. Olympia and his father was holding him back.

EVEN his army buddies didn’t understand his weightlifting passion.

No one got him but he didn’t care because he knew who he was and he knew where he was going.

Arnold is a really good example of someone with a powerful root chakra who embodies the physical confidence & pumps with massive biceps.

So having a strong root chakra really does mean that you’re set on your path and no one can defeat you from your GOAL.

The root chakra is like you’re Life spring this is like the source of of energy.

If your root chakra is healthy you’ve got a good level of energy when you’re going through your day. You’ll have an attitude of success.

You know that if you set your mind on something you can get it done you can make it happen. You’re able to get after what you want you to have. You have clear boundaries.

You have a clear understanding of why you’re of what you’re going after and getting after it. No excuses get in your way.

Your rest of the chakras draw energy from your root chakra & if the root is weak the rest of the energy points will be weak as well, unable to deliver the result they should be offering.

To strengthen your root chakra

Do running, weightlifting or yoga, exercising three to four times a week minimum for at least 30 to 45 minutes each session.

Work out on your lower legs & squats (butt related exercise), for a strong root chakra.

If your work isn’t physical even & you’re on the computer it’s still going to show up in your root chakra life, it’s still going to benefit your root chakra because you’re making money right.


If you don’t have money you feel trapped. You don’t feel free.

Surround yourself with people with a strong root chakra.

Jim Brown, the famous leadership guru says we become the sum of the five people we spend most of the time with.

People who are playing the victim role then you’re going to have some of this energy rub off on you & so even if you are working out even if you are financially motivated you’re not inspired because you’re around the wrong people.

You need to know to attain your GOALS fearlessly you need to be surrounded with the right people, who can motivate, keep the fire burning in you.


Understand what you want from life, get connected, take care of your body, be friends with the motivators you will always feel a sense of security. That’s what makes you FEARLESS.


Location & Body Part & Association- LEGS & BUTT

PSYCHOLOGY & DYNAMICS- Grounding , in the moment, Roots are where the life happens, Base of SPINE, Feeling of being alive & a body

Ways To Heal & Cultivate- Adrenals need to calm down first. Money issues must be resolved or at least be working hard to get them, resolved.

Safety & Self Reliance. Go to The GYM,. Get up early, care for your physical body, Be sure to really relax & have time to just be. Surround yourself with proactive people.

POWER ASSOCIATED WITH IT- Athleticsm Animal Magnetism, Enhanced Focus & Work Ethics

LEGENDS- Arnold Schwarzennegar, Bruce Lee

I have the POWER to create what I want in LIFE. Iam SAFE.

MANTRAS- I am hard worker & I apply myself to. My GOALS.

I will never fail because I am willing to put in effort.

I am free & No one can stop my INDEPENDENCE.

I don’t make excuses, I get results.

Help yourself heal & revel the journey & Re-Kindle your FEARLESSNESS, LET’S MEET LIVE.

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The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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