9 Emotional Secrets-Unlock your Karmas-Chakras & Planets

9 Emotional Secrets-Unlock your Karmas-Chakras & Planets

Thoughts, words, actions, habits, character & destiny that is what KARMA creates.

This is how you create your KARMA.

Today I’ll be sharing with you about all the nine important chakras which govern our entire body & how they help us create our KARMA.

Be it our PAST LIFE KARMAS, be it our PRESENT LIFE KARMAS, be it our ANCESTRAL KARMAS. How KARMA’S are created & how they affect our CHAKRAS.

How are the chakras responsible & what are the effects, of those chakras of those karmas on those chakras.

I’ll be sharing with you in this journey about the karmic relationship with your CHAKRA’S.

The first chakra which I’ll be sharing with you is the root chakra is the slowest & this chakra is the slowest. This governs all our past life fears. Whenever you see a person is more fearful, most of the challenges in his life which are related to money, which are related to his fears, which are related to his of each are going on in his current life, come from the past lives. So this chakra is governed by our past life.

The planet ruling here is Mars and this is the slowest chakra as our seat of the soul or kundalini also sits here.

So this chakra is the most important because all the blood is derived from here, it is processed from here.

So most of our fears, when you see somebody who’s very fearful and taking his decisions on whose fearful and taking up any challenge in his life most of his karmas are coming from the past life.

The second chakra is governed by the planet Saturn, as we all know that Saturn is the slowest moving planet again, it deals with our present life and you’ll see that people who are having the challenges are having insecurities are having hatred for others they develop, because Saturn is a planet which will give you the results very soon.

If you’re dealing with somebody in a certain way it’ll give you instant karma result, because that is what Saturn is all about. It punishes you instantly for what you’ve done to somebody. 

So this second planet, this second chakra governs and deals with your present life situations whatever hatred you have for others. So always check that what are you having, what kind of emotion are you carrying for the other person because once you’re not done this, completed this journey with somebody it will get on to the next life.

And that also you will have to carry forward.

And every karma created has an equal and opposite reaction so either you pay it in your current life or you pay it in your next life it has to be completed.
All karmas, need to be completed
So the third chakra is all about our ego, we all as humans carry a lot of egos, for we do not like to be said.

The third Chakra is governed by Jupiter and we all as humans have ego’s and our ego does not let us grow it hampers our growth as our soul journey.

So it this planet, this chakra because Jupiter is all about knowledge so whenever as humans we gain more knowledge we get.

We get a lot of EGO in us, that yes I know more than you.

So we do not acknowledge the other soul, so this is very important for us to understand why Jupiter is a planet of abundance being a planet of knowledge also has its own negative side.

Whenever we have excess knowledge or if you look at Ravan & once he had gained so much knowledge he became all egoistic and that is when Ram had to come and show him the Power that knowledge also has its own limitations.

So when are you create this, in this chakra, if you are having problems you will see that most of it come from either from our parents, the karma comes from our parents, it is carried forward by our DNA. or it’s from the ancestors.

So if you have seen that somebody’s telling you that you have a “PITRU DOSH” so this comes from this particular chakra the third chakra.

The fourth chakra is all about our heart, it’s all about love and this creates our HATRED KARMA.

Whenever we are hateful towards others, we spoil our KARMA.

We should always love others that is what Krishana always spoke in one of the videos I shared why Radha is the key to our heart.

Because she is the person who despite everything loved Krishna and Krishana instead of that showed that she is the replica image of me.

Meaning that there is no soul, every soul is your replica.

So once you understand that you will overcome this chakra and what you will see is you will have a love for all the other people and souls around you.

There will be no hatred so if you’re having challenges loving others, so you are spoiling your hatred karma you are creating hatred karma.

 And the planet here is Venus & Venus is all about love.

Give love that is how we can clear one of these Karmas.

  We next move on to the next chakra, & what is throat all about.

The throat is all about the words, the communication.

We create a communication chakra here, we create communication karma here.

 So always, see how your words are affecting others.

And with your words, words are likes SWORDS, in one of the videos I’ve shared that words are your swords.

How you create magic with the words it’s magical sorcery.

It’s the magic of words how you created them to heal others. Your words can heal somebody & your words can hurt somebody.

If they are hurting somebody that is where you’re creating your negative karma so always see that this throat or this throat chakra is helping you heal others because the planet ruling here is Mercury.

Mercury is all about how you communicate with your words. It’s a very intelligent planet so always use your words powerfully to heal others.

Always remember one thing whenever you understand this you will always you can always manipulate but what you can not manipulate is your intentions.

So always be clear in your intentions behind your words so always use and clear your intentions.

Because the soul understands the Power because the residue of the intention also sits in your soul. So always remember that once you are having the Karma or you’re creating something for the other person always have a clear intention behind it.

Never have a negative intention so that’ll help you clear a lot of your Karmas.

The next chakra is your third eye.

Your third eye is all about your emotional Karma because when we think something we attach emotion with it.

One THOUGHT repeated thrice creates an emotion & one emotion repeated thrice creates karma.

So always remember what you think and what you attach your emotion with is very important.

So emotions & thoughts are two very integral part of any human life which we come and take in this journey because these two things create our entire universe around us.

What we are building around us, what we are creating around us so that is very important that we always remember and understand that what are we trying to attach.

Because Moon is a  very EMOTIONAL PLANET which governs here.  You will create a negative Karma with you with your emotions. SO always be clear with your emotions for the other person.  

And the last chakra in the centerline is the crown chakra which is all about our EGO’S which is all about our SURRENDER.

We in our day to day life we create our Spiritual Karma from here how we are taking and carrying forward this life with our SPIRITUAL GURUS our

 CREATOR, this is the planet this is the chakra which helps us create this.

And the planet ruling here is Sun. So Sun is all about the giving of the UNIVERSE.

Giving of the energy, giving off the light to anybody.

So do give lite with this chakra and the rest 2 planets which are not actually the planets but the 2 NODES. So the right is the KETU, the GIVING and left is the RAHU which is the RECEIVING.

So always be very clear in what you give and what to receive.

Because that also create, because these are not only 2 PLANETS, these are actually 2 NODES and on this axis all the planets are RESIDE.

So always be clear in your INTENTION and ATTENTION.

Because once you are very clear with both the threads, both the nodes so that is where all your entire planets would help you heal all your karmas. So be very clear in what you want to give & what you want to receive.

So once you understand how this KARMIC journey is created by your OWN SELF by your own body, by your own THOUGHTS, by your own EMOTIONS, it’ll be very easy for you to heal yourself.

So do HEAL yourself by understanding this KARMIC journey of yours.

Why you’re SOUL has come here, what the PURPOSE is, this will help you UNLOCK the PURPOSE of your SOUL  journey.

If you want to know more about healing, if you want to know more about KARMA, if you have any questions do post your comments in the comments section BOX. 

Till then keep loving keep healing and I’ll see you in the next one.

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