The End to A New Beginning- The 1st LAW OF KARMA-Cause & Effect-The Great Law

The End to A New Beginning- The 1st LAW OF KARMA-Cause & Effect-The Great Law

You HELP somebody, You have a certain MOTTO behind it. That MOTTO the UNIVERSE can READ even when you say it or you say it in WORDS or you don’t say it in ACTIONS. Your THOUGHTS are powerful enough for the UNIVERSE to tune into your FREQUENCY & read what is going inside us.

Arjun asked KRISHNA, that what happens to a SOUL with all the KNOWLEDGE it GAINS in a LIFETIME. 

KRISHNA replied that whatever KNOWLEDGE, that whatever knowledge a SOUL gathers in a LIFETIME, it starts from the same place it had left the KNOWLEDGE.

It is same as whenever YOU read a BOOK, & whencever you are reading a BOOK you start from the LAST PAGE you left. You never start the book ALL OVER again.

The SOUL also starts the JOURNEY in the same way.

A SMALL BOY, every day while coming back from school used to SELL THINGS, to earn his livelihood. That day he was very hungry, he looked into his pocket & saw just a PENNY with him. 

He THOUGHT what would this PENNY buy me. I’m so HUNGRY my body is so FABLE. So he knocked on a door & a YOUNG WOMEN opened the door. The YOUNG WOMAN asked him what do you want.  He feeling shy asked that “ I WANTED A GLASS OF WATER”.

The women went inside the home & brought back a GLASS OF MILK for the BOY. The boy drank the MILK, & his body started regaining, the POWER which he was losing because of HUNGER.

The boy asked what do I OWE you, that what do I need to pay for the glass of MILK.   The women said, that my MOTHER says “ THAT KINDNESS HAS NO REWARD”.

The boy said a simple THANKYOU & went away. A few years passed & the women fell ill. Her illness was RARE, so she was shifted to a city hospital. Where a DOCTOR came & started her TREATMENT. The moment the DOCTOR entered the room he recognized that she is the same WOMAN who had once in her HUNGER had fed a “GLASS OF MILK”.

Her ILLNESS was treated but she was worried that the AMOUNT she was supposed to pay for the ILLNESS was HUGE & maybe she couldn’t have paid that amount.

When she was being discharged from the HOSPITAL, there was a bill which came to her & there was A NOTE in the BILL.

“PAID COMPLETELY IN FULL AMOUNT FOR A GLASS OF MILK”. And that very moment TEARS started rolling from that women’s eyes.  

She remembered how her KINDNESS that day with a GLASS OF MILK, paid her BILL today.

We do not understand that this is not just a STORY. Whatever REACTION comes into our MIND whenever we are in a SITUATION, somebody said something to you the REACTION which comes in your MIND, the very FIRST REACTION that comes into your MIND is actually what the UNIVERSE CATCHES. 

And rest is the ACTION you take to that reaction. The universe is INTELLIGENT, the universe is an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC GRID, where we are installed into it. We are ELECTRO-MAGNETIC beings who TUNE into the FREQUENCY of the universe. 

Where we universe UNDERSTAND’S our EMOTIONAL FREQUENCY. What reaction is going inside us, the EMOTIONS going inside us. 

Whenever we attach an EMOTION with something, whatever EMOTION we are carrying that is what the universe READS. It doesn’t understand the ACTION we are taking, to tune into your FREQUENCY& read what is going INSIDE US.

That is the 1st LAW OF KARMA. So do understand, ACT smartly, whatever you feel never attach an EMOTION to that. So that is how the 1st LAW OF KARMA works.

If you have any QUESTIONS related to KARMA or if you want to know more about HEALING because HEALING also happens, once you understand what your SOUL is doing. Because the soul is INTELLIGENT, it is SMART enough. It knows everything it just REQUIRES a BODY to HELP you with the 5 SENSATIONS, to RE-LIVE what the LESSONS it has come on this EARTH to DO.

So DO understand your EMOTIONS, do understand your SOUL JOURNEY.

If you want to want to create a POSITIVE KARMA in YOUR LIFE,  do share this video at least with ONE PERSON.

Till then keep LOVING keep HEALING & I’ll see you in the next ONE.

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