How To Access & Gain Right Guidance

How To Access & Gain Right Guidance

Inspiration! we all love to seek guidance, guidance from our loved ones, from the people we feel inspired.

But still, at times, we feel the void (an emptiness) within.

Inspired, but still seeking happiness, there is a disconnect within the self & the soul.

There is a greater intelligence to guide & direct you through your life & to be open to receive that direction.

The missing of the consciousness or you can say feeling the emptiness within. It doesn’t mean the consciousness is missing it’s just that we are not present to its existence.

The CONSCIOUSNESS of OUR SOUL comes from the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS that enables everything & consciousness is EVERYTHING.

Few people have had the overwhelming revelations that well-known spiritual leaders?‍⚖️ have said & claimed to have the feeling of the divine & known how things work out perfectly.

And trust is the question❓ you need to ask ??yourself about higher ?chakra is which connects you to the ?world of ?‍♀️spirit & ?ideas.

Are you willing to trust in a higher plane?
Are you willing to surrender your need to understand everything?

Are you willing to believe in something bigger than yourself?

Do you trust in whether you call them guardian ??‍♂️angels or guides or just your intuition?

Do you place your trust in this greater intelligence to work & guide you on your path, Are you open?

Are you available for the ?world of the higher self to move through you & connect with you?

Synchronicities are happening in your life and you’re listening to the little voices you’re listening to the little guidance and the little gut feeling of – “You know, I don’t know, I think, I should go this way” THE GUIDING FORCE OF THE HIGHER SELF.

The higher self guides us one step of information at a time to let us process that. So that we are able to first decode that guided information within ourselves.

We as human beings need just a steady small stream that we act on. Once we’ve taken the physical actions in the real world then we get our next piece of information revealed to us.

Don’t expect for God or the universe to reveal everything to you right now, all at once.

If you’re not taking the steps that you need to take in your real life to move things forward.

So where are you?

On Earth this is the way it works.

We are given the vision, an idea & it’s up to us to creatively execute on that. It’s a free will to embrace it or leave.

What’s important is what you do with that experience when it comes to you.

Your openness to the divine inspiration your surrender to a higher intelligence your willingness to be part of the greater plan & a greater story than just you & your ego.

Imagine a young woman in a meditation where she suddenly sees with joy & clarity how she needs to leave her hometown. She leaves her job & heads out to some town she’s never been before & that’s where her life is going to begin.

Although it goes against everything that’s logical & everything that her ego wants to tell her. she knows that this is the path she wants.

For you to imagine seeing someone you haven’t seen in years & you just happen to be at the same airport on the same flight.

These kinds of things do happen & they happened to me quite a bit in my life. I imagine you had some of these coincidences synchronicities & amazing experiences as well.

While few people have had the overwhelming revelations that you know well-known spiritual leaders have said & claimed to have. We all know that feeling of the divine kind of works things out perfectly.

Learning how to surrender this is huge.


Color : Purple

Location, Body Associations- Crown of the Head

Psychology + Dynamics- Relationship to Divine Self. Openness to Surrender to Higher Intelligence. Ability to read signs and symbols

Ways to Heal, and Cultivate- Meditation. Prayer. Fasting. Willingness to let go of egoic plans & ideas to allow the divine to work.

Powers Associated with it- Divine Guidance. Channeling.

Legends- Moses, Barbara Marciniak, Muhammed, Aleister Crowley

I surrender to a high power to help guide my life.

I am connected to the cosmos.

Mantras- The universe is looking out for me.

I pay attention and act on the signs I get in life.

Are you present to open your heart, RE-KINDLE the joy of life.

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