WOMB CLEARING-Helps in Achieving Success in Life

WOMB CLEARING-Helps in Achieving Success in Life

The most sacred space is a womb & the most powerful energy is the feminine energy. But when this space is disturbed due to the emotional blockages created in a lifetime due to the surroundings & relationships breathing around us.

Despite being a powerful energy form, women have social challenges & conditioning which restricts them in a certain way. These restrictions create emotionally storing the events in our memories, creating disturbances in the physical body like issues with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy issues, miscarriages, stillbirths, etc.

The womb holds a strong place as all the emotional dump is stored there. This is also our second brain which has feelings to it, it doesn’t believe in logic but in feelings. The whole energy of the body is disturbed by the way we feel which stores our files disturbing our DNA & also for the lives to come.


Womb clearing is a technique of clearing emotional blocks, mostly in the form of part imprints, from a womb. These blocks may be related to energy cords of attachment, miscarriages, stillbirth or abortions. This technique is not new but dates to the ancient period of Vedas, Upanishads, and yoga-sutra.

Evidence-Back To The Roots!

Upanishad explains in detail about the conception and growth of a child in the mother’s womb. At each stage of a child’s development in the womb, Upanishads clearly explain a child’s physical, mental and spiritual health within. Astonishingly, our beloved ancient Rishis (the seers of truth) were able to visualize such intense secrets about the body and the soul when there were no traces of modern science and research. Similarly, in yoga-sutras and Vedas, the importance of Garbh (Womb) Sanskar has been mentioned.

Emotional Energy Debris

A woman absorbs every emotion around her & feed them to her child knowingly or unknowingly. The child receives the vibration of those emotions and thoughts since the day it starts the journey as a seed. It’s important to know what emotions, thoughts, and sentiment a woman is going through because she might feel free, happy, whole and beautiful during the birthing but at the same time, her previous thought pattern and experiences reach the child.

For instance, Krishna narrated the story of the effect of the womb.  When Subhadra was pregnant, Arjuna told her the technique to enter in Chakravyuha and child Abhimanyu listened in mother’s womb. But before Arjuna would tell her the way to get out she fell asleep and the child could not listen to it.

As we all come from the womb, it allows both men and women to strengthen their soul energy. With the use of specific prayers, mantras, and meditations it allows womb to be sustained and protected.

How To Do Womb Clearing?

To resolve these issues, One can opt for Womb Healing/Womb Clearing with a 5D healer.  The healer provides a gentle and relaxing hands-on healing sequence thus focusing on the divine feminine energy.

They energize the three main female energy centers, including the womb energy center, bringing feelings of wholeness, stress relief and being centered, safe and empowered within femininity again.

A 5D healer can sense where the subtle energy in a body is frayed or broken and can help restore them to full connection and function. The root of most is a deep sense of disconnection from one’s loving, abundant source.  

 It helps women to achieve success as a healthy mind breeds healthy work & life success. The stronger & clearer the feminine energy, better & healthy DNA results.

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What Is Womb Clearing?

Womb clearing helps release emotional debris we create & accumulate during the pregnancy period. These emotions convert into energy which is absorbed by the uterus, creating imprints that block our mental, psychological & spiritual growth. This in turn also creates challenges like stillbirth, miscarriages & abortions. Many faces challenge developing relationships & happy marriages as well.

What Is Womb Imprinting?

Any emotion, event or strong thought creates a recording or memory or experience which becomes stored in our energy body which can be a traumatic, stressful or difficult experience.

What are Womb Blessings?

Feminine Energy is the most divine & powerful energy form. When this energy form is disturbed you can have challenges like the disturbed menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy & related issues.
Womb Blessings helps you receive the pure divine energy cleanse the womb & heal the womb.

Do Babies Imprint?

Yes, babies do imprint, when they are in the fetus, the process starts with the emotional challenges the mother goes across in the period of those 9 Months.
The EMOTIONAL experiences also create issues like behavioral, mental & physical issues.

What Is Fertility Cleanse?

Conceiving can be difficult & challenging as we all store a lot of emotional files & that in turn creates disturbances in our energy & physical body.
Fertility cleanses before planning a child & resulting in higher conceiving rates & healthy uterus.

The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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