The concept of Karma & How it interferes with the Present Life

The concept of Karma & How it interferes with the Present Life

Unique as you are PURE AS YOU WERE, your SOUL SPOKE all. But the KARMAS we perform to learn our lessons destructs it ALL.

Karma is the GAME OF LIFE.

There is no soul untouched without karma, we all have to pass through the journey of our karmas.

These can be in the form of our debts, pacts or bonds towards the relationships revolving in our life. Life is an ongoing journey, despite we like it or not.

Despite all the situations, problems, hurdles or challenges occurring in our life, the only way is to go through it. It’s not just going through life but completing our karmic journey.

But the question here is of the pain which occurs during the karmic journey.


But karma is all about completions & when the karmic completions happen there is a lot of pain released. I will share a real-life story of a man, how the karmic journey happened.

An orphan 9-year-old boy started working in a jewelry store in exchange for food & shelter. The owner would send him to different places for the collection & delivery of jewelry pieces. One day, while the boy was working in the workshop, the owner offered him 10 rupees to steal a milli of gold & not tell anyone about this incident. 10 rupees was a big amount for the boy & he accepted it instantly.

The boy would be offered small rewards for what he would do. Time passed & the boy grew into a man & started his own jewelry store. In the beginning, things seemed quite well but as time passed the same incidents started happening in his life.

His business started going down & today he carries a huge debt which has become a challenge for him to overcome.

This is not a story but a real-life incident & the KARMA is completing itself in this lifetime.

We play the game of life by creating a vicious circle of haunted karmas playing & driving our entire lifetimes making us prey on the series of cycles at times making us victims, the doer, the giver the list is endless.

So what you want to choose & be is entirely up to you. You can end your sufferings or even keep on being in the vicious circle of victimhood.  What & who you choose to be is entirely your free will. Because God never interferes in your karma, it is we humans who interfere & create our bond & pacts with ourselves & the other souls.

Chronic illnesses the body creates because of the 5 different states of emotions, anger, greed, hurt, desire & hatred. The data, the pain, the old files from the past lives are all stored in the Super Conscious.

Karma, Karma & Karma yet again…

Karma keeps on haunting you till you don’t resolve it. It will keep on showing you in the form of your relationships, work areas, illness, & even your issues with your children. So meaning, one has to resolve & complete the Journey. 

The soul is free to create its karmas & resolve it. It will keep coming until it doesn’t resolve/ learn the karmic lesson as it has come to complete the cycle.

It’s a free will of the soul in the task of completing the task, past life sessions help you heal & resolve the karmic debts with other souls & create a free libration of the soul.

That is how the SOUL upgrades itself to higher levels. 

Thus, how can one resolve the karmic conflicts? The best way is to practice the Quantum Healing Trans Technique which is a combination of Science & Spirituality to help you resolve your past & present life issues.

This technique is designed for you to understand the emotional situations which are coming from the past lives or current life situations & help you release the karmic debts & diseases the body creates due to these situations.

In the healing process, one sees the reactions of the body i.e how the pain is released, how the body starts throwing out diseases & starts healing it naturally. In many cases, the intake of the medication is also not required.

Thus, a power-packed session helps you understand & release your karmic debts, helping you heal your body to live a healthy & disease-free life. Every door that opens inside your MIND  is a new doorway into your body to heal from disease.

Quantum Healing Trans Technique (Q.H.T.T & 5D Healing ) is a combination of Science & spirituality where the subject/ client is taken into a deeper trans-state where the files of the past-lives, deep hurt emotions are accessed to know why, where & how the disease or trauma is created.

Once the files of deeper hurt, pain & anger are accessed they are released with the help of super-conscious. The deep trans state helps release the pain & diseases the body creates. As the soul cannot speak directly, it conveys the message in this way.

LIFE is SIMPLE, the MIND complexes Things Around the US.



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Does Karma Have A Meaning?

Yes, karma has a meaning, it exists & is real. Karma is the result of what intentions you put when you are doing an act in your life.
This creates the cause & effect of what you will get in return to the actions put.

Is Karma Good Or Bad?

Karma is the spiritual aspect of you, the journey of your soul. In this journey, the acts you do & the intent you put behind those acts will decide that what cause & affect the karmic fruit you will receive.

How Does Karma Work In Modern World?

Karma is the same & the causes & effects also remain the same. But today in the modern world the karma is getting more denser as human emotions are getting more denser.
The mental metabolism is getting complex to the emotional states of human beings resulting in higher karmic debts.

The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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