12 Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

12 Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

Karma, Karma & Karma again…

What does it sound in your head?

If you are in a relationship & it is not as it looked when you started, it can be one of your karmic relationships from your past lives.

Everything we live, eat, breath is Karmic, does this ring a BELL in your head?

Why the same relationship again in your life. Why the same kind of love relationship, why the same kind of friends, why the same kind of workmates?

If the answer is YES, then you need to first know & understand what a Karmic Relationship is & how to identify that the one you are dealing with is a Karmic Relationship.

A karmic relationship is a romantic bond that is formed with someone in your soul group and it’s a relationship designed to heal past life lessons & pain.

Karmic relationships are the type of soul mate relationships that no one wants, but everyone has. They’re generally challenging to say the least, and heartbreaking, to be more clear.

So now let’s see the signs & symptoms to identify a karmic Relationship.

1. Your partner is controlling

Despite all the attraction & pull in the relationship the other person is so dominating & controlling that he/she wants to know all about you. Every second of where, whom & when you are with, controlling & monitoring every moment of your life.

2. Your partner suffocates you

The controlling & monitoring in the relationship, that suffocates you. Where you feel that your partner suffocates you & if he/she tells you what you can do and what not, chances are that you will never get what you need from him.

3. Your partner changes you even if you don’t want it

Is he/she deciding most of the time for what you have to or need to do, even in small decisions in your life instead of you and telling you he does that for your welfare?

If your answers are positive, you should get worried about this because this is a toxic relationship that can do you more harm than you thought.

4. Your partner acts badly toward you

One of the signs of a karmic relationship is the bad behavior of one partner toward the other one. If you see that your man acts like he isn’t supposed to, then you should think about leaving him.

No one deserves such treatment, just because you are in love with him/her.

5. Your partner makes you addicted to them

In karmic relationships, the dominant partner will control the other one and make them addicted to them. They will use all the tricks and mind games to win this game, and they won’t even feel any remorse about that.

Those are a special kind of people, and they know only this way to function. So, if you recognize signs like this, run as fast as you can.

6. Your partner makes you feel like you are the crazy one

If your partner wins every fight, chances are that he knows how to makes you believe things you don’t want to believe.

If you feel bad after every fight and you feel like you are losing your self-esteem, trust me—you have no reason to be with him anymore.

A person like this is just someone who was sent to you to teach you a lesson to help you grow spiritually.

Your mission will be accomplished once you understand & take your soul journey of spiritual growth. But he is definitely not someone you can spend your life with.

7. Your partner convinces you he is the right one

If someone is for REAL & GENUINE there is no need for the partner to convince you for that, you will feel it naturally.

But if they convince you of the Genuity & they are the right ones then something is really wrong. 

8. Your partner makes you lose your mind

If you feel that your relationship isn’t good and healthy like it was at the beginning, chances are that you are in a so-called karmic relationship. It means that it is not good for you, and it will never be.

9. You feel like you’ve known your partner since forever

If you have a feeling that you’ve known your partner since forever, it is a proven sign of a karmic relationship. 

When he looks at you, you feel that you know those eyes from the past and that he is a special person in your life.

10. You feel you will end up your relationship every once and awhile

When you are in a specific relationship every time you will end up after every argument you have- because you will fight all the time since you won’t be on the same page.

11. Your partner’s needs are more important than your own

If it is a karmic relationship, then you will always act like he is the most important person in the whole world and that you have no value at all.

In a real relationship, it is a mix of fulfilling the needs of both partners & working on making them equal.

12. You get jealous easily

Even if you are not a jealous person naturally, in a karmic relationship you will transform into someone you never thought you would become.

This will happen because your partner will do things that will ruin your self-esteem and make you feel insecure about your worth.

A karmic relationship is something that nobody wants, but the truth is that most people have experienced this kind of relationship at least once in their lives.

This type of relationship is nothing more than a life lesson you have to learn in a tough way because partners are not equal in it. One partner is always the controlling & manipulative one. While another one is going the extra mile to make things work.

I know it is sometimes hard to see if you are in this kind of a relationship or you just met your soulmate, but your karmic clearance happens once you complete & acknowledge these relationships.

Complete your KARMIC CYCLE journey by acknowledging these relationships.

Are you present to open your heart, RE-KINDLE the joy of life?

Help yourself heal & revel the journey & Re-Kindle your past life Karma, LET’S MEET LIVE.

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