Inspiration, Significance & Gratitude-12 Law of Karma- Change the Game of Life

Inspiration, Significance & Gratitude-12 Law of Karma- Change the Game of Life

True value, the true value of something is the direct proportion of energy and intent you put into it.

The 12th & the final law the law of significance and inspiration.

The 12th the law of significance & inspiration whatever you want to create in life this last law is connected to the1st law & the 6th law, the law of cause and effect and the law of connections

The message is simply whatever you want in life you need to give it back the universe will create it for you.

However, you want people to treat you always treat them in the same way.

That is how you get your rewards back from the universe because karma is lifestyle karma is the game of life how you want to play what are the DICES you want to put and what is the result you are looking at is how you would play the game.

It is an invitation that looks at your life with all the intent in the 1 st law in the video.

In the video where I shared in the 1 st law of the story of a real boy who went to the door that day and the girl served him with a glass of milk instead of water. The intent behind that energy was CAUGHT by the universe. because at the time We always MEET people and find people.

Not from our lives who’re not connected directly but all of a sudden they come into our lives for our help.

To Share, to support us in the journey in our problems which we are facing and they would just vanish away in the.

And they would just vanish away in the thin air you would not even know that when they came & when they went away it was just that support required that particular time.

So whatever you are looking at in your life always gives that with both hands that are how you show gratitude towards the universe.

Because gratitude is what you live not what you say so always be in gratitude.

Because gratitude is not what you say but gratitude is what YOU do. So always be in gratitude for the other souls not for yourself.

When you’re in gratitude for others when you’re in gratitude when you live the gratitude that is when the universe creates for you.

So always, always help others always TREAT others in every video I shared that always help others because giving is a lifestyle.

What you want to live always give that. So that is where the universe will create for you to support an abundance the love the compassion and the money you’re looking for.

Anything you want to create is what you want to play how you want to play the game of your life.

So these 12 laws I have compiled them in a way that this is what I have shared the positive experience if put them in the reverse order, that is when the negative spiral starts.

That you wanting what is it that you want to create in your life entirely depends on the free will of your soul journey so what you want & what to look at is what you will create.

If you have any questions related to karma if you want to know more about healing if you want to know more about past life do you share your comments in the comments section box?

I would love to answer them till then keep loving keep healing. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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