“Everyone has a past life or Lives”- Andrew Brewer

Many people believe the contrary, that past life doesn’t exist, but the brutal truth is that past life exists, people reincarnate because they like to be here.

Past Life essentially means your “souls essence” is back because it wants to be here, to learn an important life lesson, to release karmic baggage, to complete a karmic bond or a pact.

How many lives does a SOUL take?

The SOUL can take many lifetimes depending on the lessons & the karmic baggage it has to complete & the incomplete lessons it has to re-kindle. A body is the vessel of the soul & it chooses the vessel depending on the journey & the lesson it needs to complete.

What is a Karmic Debt?

What I have seen in my experience in the past life regression sessions, karmic debt means that from previous experiences you did not carry any particular lesson that your SOUL MUST learn & complete into this experience. You are debt-free and you do not have any restriction on the direction you can go in life.

When there is a karmic debt due to the lessons left uncomplete in past life the soul has to come to achieve completion of the same lesson. The karmic debt journies are at times painful when the debt is released.

The soul will reincarnate for the specific reason of completing the karmic debt to have its soul growth.

What is A Karmic Pact/ Bond?

A soul helps another soul to progress its soul journey & creates a pact that it will be helping the other soul in all possible ways to complete the lessons it has come to learn & upgrade on soul levels.

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a technique that uses deep hypnosis to recover the stored files in the medulla which are in the form of memories of past lives or incarnations.

Pastlife regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience or in a psychotherapeutic setting. Past life regression is a way to find the answers of the soul journey at times, diseases & to resolve struck situations of relationship & problems in your life.

POWERFUL Signs That You’ve Had A Past Life

  1. A repetitive dream which has no relevance to the current situations, creating a pull to find the answers is a strong indication that the dream is occurring from your past life.
  2. We go to places where we have never been earlier & feel a connection as if we have been there several times, the feeling of DEJA VU, is another indication of the connection from a past life.
  3. A Strong bond or pull even when you don’t know the person or the person is sending you messages through the dreams. This is a strong indication of a past life occurrence, who is your soul mate.
  4. Most of the phobias & fears are carried from the past life, traumatic deaths due to height, fire, water, etc are also the indication of a past life.
  5. You are in a place & suddenly feel trauma or a painful occurrence this is another indication of past life.
  6. Remembrance of events where you were never present but keeps on haunting in your dreams or a place which you have never been but occurs in constant intervals in your Dreams.
  7. Many people feel that their soul is older than their body, the knowledge is carried from the past life. I have met many children who share the information which they have never coincided with this lifetime. This is another indication of a past life.
  8. Birthmarks, burn marks are another indication of past life.
  9. Unknow traumas & diseases are other indications that the soul has taken a new journey to complete its lessons.

When a soul reincarnates, it is on a mission, the lessons it has left incomplete in the past life. The soul keeps pushing the body towards achieving its goal/ lessons.

The soul feels pain if it is not able to achieve the soul goals & in turn, punishes the body in forms of depression, trauma, accidents, people coming to teach the lessons which have been left incomplete.

The Soul tries to share the goals it has to achieve in situations occurring at regular intervals, in forms of patterns to complete the lessons.

When one goes through a past life session the soul reveals the mission it is here on this earth to achieve its goals. The files are stored in the Medulla, which is also the superconscious state.

What should One Remember Before A Past Life Session?

  1. Prepare a list of questions that are of a priority to you.
  2. What is the biggest challenge that has been constantly occurring in your life?
  3. What situations have you been facing constantly or at regular intervals?



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What Happens In A Past Life Regression Session?

A PLR or Past Life Regression Session is a simple technique where the files stored in the Medulla are accessed in states of trans.

Can Past Life Session Be Dangerous?

While we go through a past life session there is a lot of emotional stress which is released. The storage of the emotional states forms imprints on our DNA which is released & should be done under the supervision of an experienced therapist.

What Are The Benefits Of A Past Life Regression Session?

A lot of unresolved questions get addressed & we feel a calmer state when the answers of our soul are answered.

Why Don’t We Remember Our Past Life?

Many children in their younger ages remember their past life, but with the passage of time, their memories fade. In a few cases, a certain important incident is remembered by even older people also.

How do you know if you had a past life?

There are many ways you can find that you had a past life is if you are facing fears & phobias, you feel like an old soul, experiencing deja vu, experiencing mysterious pains, different kinds of foresight, remembering events where you weren’t part of, meeting someone as if you have known them.

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