GOD, Mother, Creator- Who Are YOU?

GOD, Mother, Creator- Who Are YOU?

A prism creates 7 colours, from one white light. A light or a ray, what ever it might be.

The mind is a prism, it will reflect the emotion as to what thought you put into it. 

What colour we pick n choose in our life is the free will every soul chooses.

A journey of CHOICES.

So,Let’s start creating the journey of your choices, the journey of your soul for which you have come to complete.

The number one reason most people don’t get what they want is they don’t know what they want.

Clarity leads to POWER.

The 2nd most important reason is “WHY” you want that thing.

I will introduce you to your life today

So, let me take you back into your journey, when you were not born. This is the journey of your SOUL, which always choses a body as per its mission to come & learn on this EARTH.

If I would ask you to imagine, that you are watching a video game, how would you imagine your self as a character in the GAME- Super man. 

If you start imagining your life as a video game & start playing with the characters how easy would your life be.

You make choice of the mission, you come here for, you decide the choice of WHO you want to be in this SOUL journey with everyone in your life right now. So now you see how powerful you are even before you come into this BODY.

We always have been told by everyone that I is the EGO.


Is it your ego or you believe which have been incorporated since childhood?

The DNA carries information in the journey of our upbringing.

We are living in a dream or sleep state, where the future is an ILLUSION, NOW is an ILLUSION. Maya(illusion) as mentioned in VEDAS/ SHASTRAS the body you are living is an illussion.

That is the reason when we are in the MOTHER’S WOMB, we are connected with both the world’s. Our eyes are closed for the reason we still are connected with the past life & the cord is connected to the MOTHER to CREATE the NEW WORLD.

In real life also we are the same we are connected with our past & the future & we forget to live in the present.

So “I” am the creation of PAST & FUTURE there is no present for US, where as the present is the reality which we don’t live even for a single moment. We live for a time which is unseen & never in the current state.

Time never changes, time is constant, we keep on changing. Meaning the soul is constant the body keeps changing. The body is the ILLUSION, NOT THE SOUL.


The social conditions we are brought up, the DNA information we carry from our ancestors & the believes we form is what the body is all about.

The journey is of the SOUL not the body it is just a medium to complete this journey.

Body is a medium to create  a life of your choices. YOUR destiny, your choices are the “POWER” you have in your hands.

So let’s create the journey of your choices. The journey of your SOUL for which you are on this planet to complete.

MOTHER is the KEY to every thing that is the reason she has always been given special importance to in our shastras. Maa is the mother who not only gives birth to you, but has the power to change YOUR DNA/ DESTINY.


I will share a live example of my own.

When I was having my 2nd child, I had a issue in the 3rd month of my pregnancy. I started bleeding.

The doctor told me to abort, but I wanted this child to come to LIFE. I decided to carry on, I prepared myself with this 1 thought that I WANT YOU IN THIS WORLD, NO MATTER WHAT?

The 6 months were rough, as the time passed I delivered a weak baby but he was a SURVIVER.

As in India when a child is born the astrologer makes a kundali, the ASTROLOGER shared this child has an amazing destiny I could never imagine. That day I understood the power of that 1 thought the mother has to change the complete the future/ destiny of the child.

MOTHER creates the beautiful future of the child. The 1 thought the mother has during this journey of creating YOU is what your future will be.

YOU decide & make choices of the mission you come here for. YOU decide the choice of WHO you want to be in this journey of soul with. Everything is pre- decided, so when we are in the process of coming into this world we have the power of choices that what is it that we are unable to make choices during the existence/ survival in this Universe.

So the journey of the known to the Unknown to create the GOD’S you already are?

“SITARO SE JAHAN AAUR BHI HAI”(There is a world beyond the stars)

The journey of the past merging into the present to create your future.

I’M HUMAN-AI. So what does I’m Human mean?

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The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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