Shiva Shakti- The Power DUO- Be The POWER COUPLE

Shiva Shakti- The Power DUO- Be The POWER COUPLE

We all love POWER, it makes US feel GOOD. And if the power is multi-dimensional then you feel more STRONG.

Isn’t that TRUE?

So in this NEW journey, I will take you on the POWER ride of both your energy. If we talk about LIFE it is only the flow of ENERGY. Be it negative or positive energy, the CHI of life.

LIFE IS ONLY ABOUT THE FLOW OF ENERGY. Another source of energy is the POEWR COUPLE, SHIVA & SHAKTI (Shiv, Parvati)

So WHO & WHAT were the POWER COUPLE together.

SHIVA the Shunya(Zero/ Nothingness) & SHAKTI the Breeder/ Generator. Shiva is incomplete without Shakti.

Indian mythology has a rich & powerful heritage to take back many things. And if you closely look at the POWER COUPLE, you will find a lot of power to break your old patterns to breed the NEW BEGINNINGS.

So what & who is a POWER COUPLE, Can YOU be the Power Couple?

A Power couple is one who accepts the other as they are without wanting to change.

YES, you can be the POWER COUPLE.

If you look at this, it’s like accepting your counterpart (spouse) as the YIN(-VE) & YANG(+VE) energy, WHICH ALSO IS WITHIN US.

The Elements That Make A Couples Lose The Power

1)Upbringing – We come from different backgrounds, as we are born & brought up with a different set of parents & different social environments. Shiva was a YOGI living an aesthetic life & She was a princess background, yet choose the journey with SHIVA to become his equal complementary partner.

Complete acceptance of the background as the person belongs from.

2)Belief Systems- As our upbringing is from different backgrounds the belief systems are also different. Belief systems are also formed due to the social conditioning & the society we are brought up in. Listening & learning about the partner’s belief systems & then analysing.

3)Not Working Together: I, My is the biggest challenge in a marriage, the integration of two identities coming in togetherness to have ONENESS. It is not the oneness of the BODY but of the togetherness of the THOUGHTS to bring NEW LIFE & NEW UNIVERSE

4)Discrimination: Man vs Woman (Drift In Marriages)- If we understand the importance of body, it is the SOUL MEDIUM carrier. So if we divide ourselves sexually the purpose of togetherness gets depleted.

Shakti means POWER, she is also called the ANNAPURNA, meaning endless resource of FOOD. Shiva accepted the POWER as she was, that is the reason she is worshipped. So it is not the sex that makes you weak, but EQUALLY POWERFUL.

So, to be the POWER COUPLE as powerful they are just simple changes in you can help you be the POWER COUPLE.

Elements Of An Ideal Couple

1)Power Of Acceptance- Acceptance is the prime key to any RELATIONSHIP, accept the person as he/she is. The Power Couple Shiva & Shakti despite of their backgrounds, upbringing & individual identities accepted each other for WHO they were, not for who they wanted each other to be.

2)Dimensions Of Love- Love is endless if the acceptance is from the HEART. If you vibrate on the heart energy then the love takes a UNIVERSAL dimension & the physical dimension diminishes. The dimension of love takes a shift from physical to soulful like the DUO.

3)Communication- The most powerful tool is communication, that is the reason language was invented. Even before the language, we could read & understand in the form of images & pictures.

So if you communicate from your heart that makes the relationship more POWERFUL & STRONG.

HEART is not just an organ that pumps blood, but a place where humans feel the most EMOTIONAL.

Bring into your life the LOVE & HEALING with these simple changes to live the life of a POWER COUPLE

If you want to know how strong you are EMOTIONALLY, take this emotional audit survey.

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The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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