What Is PCOD’S? Causes- Problems-Solutions

What Is PCOD’S? Causes- Problems-Solutions


Roots are the connect of our existence, if the #roots are weak we have a disconnect. If the #roots are strong we feel connected with them. We feel a bond of #security with them so that is what the roots are all about.

Today I will be sharing with you one of the challenges #females have been constantly facing & in today’s modern world it has been constantly increasing day-by-day that is the challenge of #PCOD’S. 

#PCOD’S has become so common because we have a disconnect with our roots. The ROOTS are our first #ENERGY POINT.

Where the SEAT OF THE #SOUL or #KUNDALINI or the #FEMININE #ENERGY is on HIGH. But when we have a disconnect we always access more of the #MASCULINE #ENERGY. 

Because both the energies the #YING & the #YANG ENERGY both reside here. What we access more in today’s modern-day world because we have always been told, We that we have to compete.

We are constantly in the mode of striving of our existence because the first #energy point or the #root is also our existence. We are always constantly fighting for our existence that is when we are not able because RIGHT NOW, the masculine #energy is so HIGH, that we all want to access that. That is the reason our roots of being a #WOMAN or accepting our #feminity are getting looser day by day.

And that is the reason that we are having more of the #PCOD’s & more of these challenges of getting more prone to #PCOD’S.

Having delayed period cycles, unable to become #MOTHER & even having excess FACIAL HAIR. In INDIAN MYTHOLOGY #women has always been given a special place. #SHAKTI she is & accepts the #shakti which resides in you. 

The moment you accept your #femininity, the moment you acknowledge your #feminity, the moment you accept you are EQUAL to #SHAKTI, you do not need to COMPETE with anyone. 

You are a complete entity in yourself, & there is nothing for you to compete with anybody. That is when you will start seeing that moment you start shifting your #ENERGY POINT, the moment you start ACKNOWLEDGING your #EMOTIONS of being a WOMAN, that is when you will start resolving your issue of #PCOD’S.

So accept your #FEMINITY, accept who you are. Your #ROOTS are the most important because the moment you acknowledge your #ROOTS, the moment you ACKNOWLEDGE your feminity, the moment you EMBRACE yourself, the moment you #LOVE for who you are.

Because #KARMICALLY also you have taken & chosen this #BODY to complete your JOURNEY. So acknowledge YOURSELF as a #WOMEN. Acknowledge yourself as a #MOTHER, acknowledge yourself as a #SISTER. 

The moment you will do that you will see, that the challenge of #PCOD’S will start resolving. Because our bodies are nothing more, it’s an outer IMAGE of what is going inside us. It’s an #EMOTIONAL IMAGE of what is going inside us.

So do UNDERSTAND your #FEMINITY, do acknowledge YOURSELF, do #LOVE yourself for who you are, for what your #SOUL has come here to. 

If you have any CHALLENGES if you have a problem related to or questions related to #PCOD’S do post in the comments section box.

If you want to know more about #ENERGIES, if you want to know more about #HEALING, do visit our WEBSITE.

Till then keep #LOVING keep #HEALING & I’ll see you in the NEXT ONE.

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