Mind-reading of a person is as easy as reading a book. Reading People sitting across you is an art.

Do you love mind-reading of the people sitting across you?

We all love to be ahead in what we do, professionally, in personal life & while handling people around us.

We love to be in control of the situation, be ahead in life & know what is going around us.

Many panic in situations when the situation is not in their control or if the situation is not working as per their desire.

We always want to know what the other person is thinking & what he/ she would act in that situation.

When you can get into someone’s head & just read him/her like a book, that feels amazing. Knowing their personality, knowing what they are going through & what they are thinking of how they would react to a situation feels amazing.

So, how do you read the people around you?

I read people through their soul, through their unsaid words, how do you read them?

People on airports, railway stations, metro & all across keep sending energy into the universe in forms of their thoughts & patterns.

There are 3 ways, how Most people read others.


Everyone has a certain way of behaving, which is also called as a behavioral pattern. These patterns by default are set in the person depending on the circumstances he/ she go through in their childhood.

This can be due to the survival mechanism, fear issues, guilt, pain as per the person’s surroundings, believes & life learnings.

The body speaks a thousand words without even speaking a single word. The energy the body emits due to the pattern created by the human. This energy of the body has an energy grid.

We all know that the entire universe is energy, even the universe has an energy grid. When the frequency of the person shifts, the energy grid of the universe also makes a shift, or you can also understand it as transit in the frequency.

When an alchemist sees it it is like a harmonica being played, like the air being blown & the tune being emitted through the harmonica.

The body is a medium or a vessel of the energy body which emits the language through the energy it transmits across.


Behaviour is the cementing of the patterns one has created due to the entire mechanism one has dealt with his/her entire life.

Mind reading can become simpler when you can see these in the aura energy body of the person sitting across. Due to the patterns, one creates & the behavior the aura body gets disrupted.

When you are seeing the colors on the person’s aura you will find many colors changing their energy frequency, with the shift in their mind.

It will seem like a hurricane of energy getting disrupted, & the mind-reading of thoughts of the person starts being captured as on the scale of a lie detector.


In my entire experiential journey of reading souls across I always get mesmerized by the eyes.

I love the way people blink them, shift them, dodge them & the biggest of all is the depth of the soul where I find my answers.

The eyes speak loads about the emotional character of the person. We as humans are purely emotional beings & whatever we do depends on the way we feel emotionally.

The eyes are the doorway to any soul communication, which helps you in mind reading with ease.

ENERGY CAPTURES everything around us & mind reading is one of them. I work with the soul, capturing the energy which the other soul emits in the form of their emotional shifts occurring in their mind.

The soul has a different story to say & it differs from the body, which creates the biggest energy shift. In the past life regression sessions when the soul speaks the truth it feels like an entirely new world of energy shift.

The energy in the space starts spilling, the mind starts sending its energy frequency in forms of wavelengths to the other mind. This makes the mind-reading even easier.

How do you read the minds of the people sitting across?

If you are a person who loves mind-reading & has the experience to share do post your comment in the comment section box.

I would love to hear from you.

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If you also can access these #energies & are a true believer of #energies so drop a comment in the comment section box.



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What is mind-reading?

Reading someone’s thoughts without telling them or letting them know, who & what they are. Through subconscious communication, it’s possible to read a person’s thoughts.

Is it possible to read minds?

The reading mind is an art, it involves energy transmutation & frequency reading. Yes, it is possible to read minds without the other person knowing that he/she is being read.

What is a mind reader person called?

Some call it Empathetic accuracy, some know it as telepathy, the reading of the mind is done indirectly. Some are known as psychic powers possessors.

Can a Mentalist really read minds?

Mentalists don’t read minds, they create illusions which appear as they are reading a mind.

Is Mind Reading A Super Power?

It mesmerizes people around you & seems like a superpower. It is like developing a reading ability of a specific blueprint or design that makes them both susceptible to and able to harness particular abilities.

The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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