Is Someone Gossiping & Spreading Rumours About YOU? Law of Karma l Law of Responsibility l 5th Law

Is Someone Gossiping & Spreading Rumours About YOU? Law of Karma l Law of Responsibility l 5th Law

Gossip, ill-words talking negatively gives you a sudden kind of RUSH in your ENERGY. You feel good factor within yourself by telling & talking about others but what it does is it spoils your KARMA.

The law of responsibility which is the fifth law of karma, the law of responsibility which is. I will be taking you on the journey of the fifth law of karma.

Hi, My name is Richa & I’m an Energy Alchemist who’s been taking you on your journey of body, mind & soul.

Another REAL-LIFE story where you will be able to.

To explain the fifth law of karma, the law of responsibility.

I’m sharing with you a REAL-LIFE story where you correlate that you might see people & find people similar to these in your life also in your neighborhood also.

A man & old man started gossiping about a young boy & the boy being a thieve spread like fire in the entire space just by his simple gossiping.

When the boy came to know & other people came to know the boy was taken to the station & inquired about the THEFT happened in the neighborhood.

The boy Felt very humiliated because he was being ENQUIRED for something which he hadn’t committed & during the course of the journey he started feeling very let down.

That is when he started thinking that when I’m not done anything how can somebody else talk so much ill about me.

In return, the boy filed a complaint against the old man & when the ENQUIRY started he was taken & presented in front of the JUDGE.

The JUDGE asked him about the whole process he said I my intention was not so but I thought & I felt that the boy must have committed & I started talking about the boy the judge told the old man to write whatever he has told him on a piece of paper.

The man pleaded with the judge that He is sorry about whatever he has done wrong so the judge asked him to write down everything he said to him on a piece of paper.

The man started writing everything on a piece of paper & the judge told him to TEAR & THROW the paper on his journey back to his home & come back in the MORNING.

When the old man came back in the morning, the judge sentenced him 3 years of imprisonment the old man said that you told me that you would excuse me & not give me any sentence.

He said at one cost & one situation.

I would not give you sentence is that what you wrote on the paper go back & get those pieces of paper & bring them back to me.

The old man said that is not possible because the paper which has been torn I’ve torn minutely & they must have flown some different places the judge said the judge told the old man the way the pieces of paper have flown. 

In the same way, the REPUTATION of the boy has reached far just because of your Gossip & just because you thinking ill about the boy so take care when you talk about somebody take the responsibility not to talk negatively until & unless you are not sure.

It’s very important to take RESPONSIBILITY & this is how the law of karma works because if you talk something about somebody you have to pay in return if you find people like these.

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