Body the Shock Absorbing machine

Body the Shock Absorbing machine

Body the shock absorbing Machine-Listen & Speak To IT

Yet another most beautiful machine created by the SOURCE / GOD, what you would like to call him in your religion/ culture.

We all are blessed with beautiful bodies, amazing soul & a wonderful mind. If we understand this journey of wholeness & completion we will be the joy body free from all diseases.

The body is the most beautiful & miraclous machine which can HEAL itself.

You must have noticed if you skin tears apart with a cut & you will see that area starts healing itself effortlessly.  The skin in the body replaces itself within 27 days completely replacing every cell.

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Not only that even the red blood cells flowing in the body completely change itself within four months effortlessly.

So when it can heal itself completely & take care of itself why does disease occurs in the body?

Today I would like you to take a few moments & come along with me on the journey of you MIRACULOUSUS BODY.

Let’s go back In the evolution where we were connected with our bodies the body energy, earth energy & universal energy were woven & connected within each other. They were not separate, the energy points (chakras) were the connecting points with the earth & universal energy, the flow was natural & subtle.

But in modern life that we forget to take care of the BODY & forgot that our SOUL has come on a MISSION & PURPOSE to this EARTH.

The purpose of the SOUL in this journey can only be achieved with the help of this BODY which the SOUL has chosen. Be present to when it SPEAKS to you. It is always calling, sending signs & messages to make you understand & communicate.

We are unable to understand & listen to as we ignore many-a-times to our BODY CALLING, & make it the biggest Shock Absorbing Machine.

Where As Today, we look for answers all over but forget to look with in. 

You must be thinking, I have listened to this statement many times, it’s a over rated statement.

I agree, but just pause for a moment & take a look, take a look at your BODY.


I guess NOT?

The body is a MACHINE, a machine which can construct & destruct at the same time.

But you would be wondering I was taking about HEALING & now here I am talking about destruction.

Yes, over the years of your journey you have created destruction within the BODY in different ways. Adding different diseases, allergies etc to it.

If I would say that you can HEAL your BODY within yourself even after the chaos you have created.


SO let’s set your body’s capability to HEAL itself & bring it in MOTION.

How Can you do that?


First things first, but why does a disease occur in a body when it can heal itself?

THAT’S A BIG QUESTION YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND, that is where the journey begins of HEALING.

Most of our beliefs & thought patterns are set between the age of 3- 7 years of age, rest the social conditioning & environment we live in. Rest remains the seeding & nurturing the pattrens with evidence from the life situations & events.

That’s what you already know & are accustomed to it.

Now what causes the dis-ease in the body is in any situation occurring in our life, we react/ behave a certain way. But what we don’t know & understand is the actual emotion attached in that situation. The brain is powerful enough to capture & store all that you are undergoing, even when you acknowledge that EMOTION or not. The brain functions on neuron pathways which carry & store information in the subconscious & so & when you require the evidence it will pull the file from the past stored data.

In many situations, we are even unable to distinguish between the emotion we have undergone in that situation. As the body goes through a lot of emotional stress during the journey most of it gets absorbed in the body parts.

Let me share an example:

Some one very close to you brought a car you always desired of, now if suddenly you hear the news you will feel happy for the other person, but angry within for not having it & at times may be a little amount of jealousy. Now in a situation you are going through multiple emotions with the thoughts running in your mind’s computer data base.

In a day or two you might forget the incident had occurred & go in the normal FLOW of your life. But during that incident when you were running through all those emotions your body keeps absorbing these EMOTIONS & storing in it’s DATABASE.

Though the BODY has absorbed the shock, but what emotion gets stored & in what ever

It’s like an ice burg you will see only 5% of it on the surface. 

A diesease like,Cancer is telling us of a situation that has been going on for a very long time. Cancer is one of the “last resort”

Cancer is unresolved and deeply suppressed anger. Anger about something that has been held in for so long, it has churned in on itself without any form of release and has now become a disease that must be addressed.

The part of the body in which the cancer is located will tell you what the person is angry about.

For example: Breast cancer YOU may be anger at not being nurtured or not being able or allowed to nurture

In lung cancer the person suffering may be angery at life or at the inability to live their life, intestinal cancer may be anger at situations and not being able to vent or talk about them.

The first thing is to identify and understand what you are angry about. Then you must let it go.

With regards to cancer, you must release the situations/people you are angry with.

Anger is a deep emotion which needs to be resolved or let go at the earliest you are able to identify with it.

That is the reason HEALING is not done TO you, it is done WITH you. You have to be willing & be present to the EMOTIONAL state the body is undergoing.

So, I would invite you to stop treating your body as a SHOCK ABSORBING MACHINE & bring it to its original state of SELF HEALING journey.

If you want to know how strong you are EMOTIONALLY, take this emotional audit survey.

If you want to know more about the ENERGY ALCHEMY & connect with the DIVINE write to us on


The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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