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My Mentoring

Like water you flow, like sun you shine, like flowers be ur fragrance, like bees you hum, like honey be you sweet… Only your SOUL has these qualities…Not the Body… Live the journey your soul has come to EXPERIENCE.

The vibration of the earth is on a RISE NOW & on a shift to a higher vibration. We are on a shift from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension.. Be the part of a higher CONSCIOUSNESS shift.

The MIND is a PRISM, which reflects the emotion as to what thought you put in to it.

Let’s start creating the journey of your choices, the journey of your soul for which you have come to complete.

I will introduce you to your life today

So, let me take you back into your journey, when you were not born. This is the journey of your SOUL, which always choses a body as per its mission to came & learn on this EARTH.

If I would ask you to imagine, that you are watching a video game, how would you imagine your self as a character in the GAME- SUPER MAN.

Now imagine YOURSELF as the SUPER HERO in the GAME OF YOUR LIFE.

If you start imagining your life as a video game & start playing with the characters how easy would your life be.

You make choice of the mission, you come here for, you decide the choice of WHO you want to be in this SOUL journey with every one in your life right now. So now you see that how powerful you are even before you come into this BODY.

Everything is energy & thats all there is to it. Distinguish between the reality & the imagination now match the frequencies to create the SELF POWER.