Join Hands With Richa Jindal & Give Back

Help Underprivileged Children Receive Gift of food

Gift Of Food is an organisation that is dedicated to help underprivileged children receive food, the basic necessity, on a day to day basis. Founded by Richa, CEO of Womb Stories,  Gift Of Food is a nonprofit organisation that requires your support . Richa Jindal has pledged to charitize for the cause by donating a major amount of earnings from her companies. The purpose of Gift Of Food is to giving back to the society by providing the children with the basic necessity being food.The purpose of Gift Of Food is to get other young people involved in giving back to those less fortunate.We are looking for young adults in the New Delhi/ NCR area to volunteer their time to stop for children & Support the cause.

These Children Deserve LOVE, Compassion & Thoughtfulness From Those Of Us That Have Been So Blessed In Our Lives.

I started Gift Of Food because I have seen firsthand how getting people involved in giving to others can really help others realise there are less fortunate children in this world.

The smile on the faces I see something absolutely amazing,  and to this day when I see it brings tears to my eyes.

That vision to give back to the society really struck me hard, and caused me to share with the children that aren’t lucky enough to have someone feed them. The thought of a child’s being empty stomach filled me with compassion for them. I decided to go ahead and start Gift Of Food. When the realisation hit me that it was impossible for me to do this alone I immediately turned to my friends and family. I began calling around and was able to get people help me with this endeavour to support the cause that they also believed in. I truly believe that moments like this can and will change a person’s life in a very positive way.

Everyone Should Have The Opportunity To See What It Feels Like To Care For Someone Else, Just As You Do Your Family & Yourself.

I started Gift Of Food to give everyone a chance to do just that. I realise financial situations can cause an issue for many people, especially young adults. It is important to realise that giving off your time is just as important as giving financially. Each of us gained the same gratification, and we all look back on it today and realise it has made us appreciate our families, and our situations in life so much more. I truly hope through this organisation I get give young adults the opportunity to give back to others by donating their time, and helping others who are less fortunate.


If you would like to volunteer to help the Gift Of Food organisation, please reach out to us immediately!