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“अपने लक्ष्य को अपनी आत्मा से जोड़ो”

After Compilation of successful orientation on Happiness and devotion, the concept of BODY requirement and Soul requirement is both are different factor of human life.

We are paying attention and dedication on Body requirement, what soul required, attention is missing.

खाना पीना सोना पहनना भौतिक आराम , गाड़ी, घोड़े मकान, ये सब शरीर की जरुरत है आत्मा की नहीं.

Nurture your Soul with feed of Happiness, love, devotion. Connect your Goal to your Soul.

आपके शरीर की छाप भुला दी जाएगी, विचारो का प्रभाव हमेशा रहेगा. सबके साथ रहे, एक लगाव के साथ, एक नए प्रभाव के साथ!

- Amit

I want to begin this little note of admiration with this : I have my exam tmmrw so the moment I get free n came back home , I sat down for study n preparing for the exam but a thought was stricking in my head again and again , " I should really tell you that how brilliant , beautiful and inspiring you are .

So here I am , writing this little note for you 🙃

Well , first thing first , A big thank you for joining our team today . U enlightened us with such great wisdom , knowledge of love and positivity n abudant energy around us . It was such a great , informative and beautiful session.

Ma'am what you do and how you do is definitely powerful bcz it's pure and original . You have so much positivity n love inside you as well as around you . It was a wonderful n memorable experience for me , for my team , for all of us who were there today.

You are such a beautiful soul inside out and it was great , great , great meeting you !

I would love , even we all would love to meet u again for another wonderful session .

Thank you so much ma'am for today ! ❤

- Ruchi