Sita or The Ram-Which is Your Emotional Energy.

Sita or The Ram-Which is Your Emotional Energy.

Every energy be it masculine or the feminine resides within us.

You are just an evaluation or sum of these energies which reside within you.

We as humans get stuck between the negative & the positive energies. As if they are different.

It is like a male & a female energy aspect which resides within your existence.

If we know how to embrace both these energies we will know how to utilize them.

Feminine energy has always been given the utmost importance in Indian shastras.

Feminine power has an important connection with the human presence & the soul.

Let’s see & explore the journey of feminine energy so that you can see the resonance in your own life.

Woman, a female human being, has a fascinating presence in the excerpts of human history, especially when seen from the different eyes of mythology, genetics, anthropology, psychology or any other discipline. 

For instance, the ancient Indian epic Ramayana depicts Devi Sita who got married to Shri Ram, also known to be the incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu respectively.

According to the epic, Devi Sita went through a lot of emotional turmoil while staying powerful by making the right choices during the entire journey of Ramayana.

She married the man she loved.

She was not forced to go to exile with Lord Ram, but she chooses to.

She crossed the Laxman Rekha, as she could not see someone standing hungry on her door.

She chooses to return to Ayodhya after the exile even when she knew the society will not accept her. And she goes back to the forest during her pregnancy & never returning to Ram.

As Sita always knew her emotions & chose a life of her choices in that era, are we able to read our emotional states? 

In today’s world too, a woman has so much to take care of, keeping aside all her priorities. In our society, women are brought up to invest in love and social relations, while men are brought up to invest in achievement.

As stated by Martin Seligman, an American Psychologist, “A woman’s self-esteem, runs the argument, depends on how love and friendship go social failure.

Therefore – from divorce and separation to children leaving the nest, to a wasted evening with an awful blind date- hits women harder than men”. Data suggests that women are twice likely to be depressed than men. 

Also, as per research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information – United States, Women more frequently report experiencing only negative emotions (16.83%), compared to men (14.02%).

In terms of specific negative emotions, women tend to report experiencing more anxiety, sadness, disgust, anger, fear, offense, and contempt than men do.

However, from a brighter perspective, women are the most powerful human in the entire universe and that’s why nature has chosen women to give birth to all other powerful human beings.

Now the question is- Is she able to realize what power lies within her? Why is she not able to read the emotional states that hurt her, make her angry, make her diseased, make her unhappy?

A child in the womb of a woman absorbs each emotion during the nine months.

Each emotion represents a planet (for example courage represents planet Mars) and the stronger emotions take a place on the child’s birth chart, thus, creating its destiny.

Such power of a woman, when realized by her from within, can bring a lot more happiness in her life.

The philosophy of mind and cognitive science explains human behavior based on mental states including beliefs, desires, and intentions.

When we are intent, we create more karmas. Intention represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future.

Karmas is nothing but consciously imprinting our specific desires or actions on our sub-conscious mind which gets executed at the right time automatically [and the law of karma enables the universe to give back whatever we created by our choice].

More importantly, our desires and intentions are relative to our ability to understand and digest reality [also known as mental metabolism].

Further, the reality is the truth of an individual that evolves out of perceptions, perspectives, abilities, and beliefs.

When information comes towards us, we are only capable of digesting what our inner psychic world is ready to effectively deal with.

Irrespective of factual correctness of our beliefs, we tend to keep desiring more, generating new thoughts and hence keep making new karmas.

And eventually, we end up generating a lot of karmic debt with or without interacting with other humans. It further influences the structure of our DNA and the information stored in it.

If this change in DNA is negative, our mental attitude starts becoming responsible for diseases and pain, which through the medium of genes in DNA, also transfers to our future kids. 

So, we must keep doing the healing of our sub-conscious mind which is the root cause of whatever misery we face in our life.

There are effective techniques like Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Chakralogy-healing and birth re-imprinting matrix which can bring happiness, peace of mind and good health.

Such techniques enable our body to miraculously heal itself with the help of super-conscious.

Women, being a carrier of the highest power of this universe, deserve a better, happier, spiritually awakened, full of positive energy and pain-free life.

So that just like Devi Sita, all women can understand her emotions, feel the power within of being loved, listened & understood from within. 

Love & Live the power of a woman ?

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