Master it Instant results | 11th law of karma |

Master it Instant results | 11th law of karma |

Instant coffee instant Maggie and today’s instant WORLD. We want everything instantly the results in our life. we look at them that we require instant results for whatever effort we put in.

True master.

TRUE people.who are true to themselves,know that  the journey of JOY is in doing, whenever you do something with PASSION, with love with whatever you feel is good for your soul that is when you enjoy your entire journey, and that journey you know is a path where the result will come on a later stage because in today’s world we access and we want the information processing is becoming so fast. we feel that we should be getting everything instantly and with all the social media platforms what we see and what we understand is everything takes and happens instantly but even facebook ,be it Twitter everything, every social media platform also took its own pace to grow if you look at people who are successful in social media also when you talk to them when you read the stories when you see them they know that everything takes time to grow so be compassionate.

About your fashion, if you love to do something if you put your heart and soul into it if you love to do that, the reward will come.

 and that is what the 11th law of patience and reward is all about never think of instant results because whenever you are walking on a path it’s a journey you always enjoy the journey once you are in the journey, you start enjoying and learning.

 so many things that is what the compassion is all about that even if you are falling in that  journey, you will again get-up and start the journey from where you have left so the soul understands,the journey of love and compassion so if you are compassionate, about to project if you are compassionate about what you are doing there will be no pain,and there will be no pain & there will be no thought of gain it will be only that you would be in love, with that  journey, that reward when it comes, it will not make a difference. to you, because you know whatever you are doing you will be successful 1 day.

So, people who are successful if you talk to them if you listen to their stories, that is what they do. that is what the journey is all about that is what the rewards come from.

So it is always patients, which brings, you the reward not the instant things a very beautiful saying “haste will never give you long-lasting results” so, always be patience for the rewards, do your effort, put in your effort. The results will always be fruitful and as per your desire but at times we also do not understand & realize that the results are bigger than what we think so always be patient, for the rewards if you want to know more about healing, if you know more about past-life if you want to know anything about laws   karma,do post your comments in the comment section box or you can visit our website till then keep loving keep healing and I’ll see you in the next.

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