Earn 10x Apply Law of Focus l 7th Law – 12 Laws of Karma

Earn 10x Apply Law of Focus l 7th Law – 12 Laws of Karma

Focus is All about putting your Energy in the right place.

When YOU focus on something it gets MANIFESTED.

MANIFESTATION, the law of creation work on the principle of Focus.

Hi, my name is Richa & I’m in an Energy Alchemist whose been taking you on your journey of body, mind, and soul.

Law of focuses the 7th law.

In all these 12 laws you will see that each law is interconnected because ONCE YOU  focus on something that’ll get MANIFESTED.

Everything in this universe is energy including our own bodies our own minds our own THOUGHTS, so how you put your THOUGHTS how you put your FOCUS on your THOUGHTS is the most important thing on getting anything MANIFESTED.

The moment you DIVERT your FOCUS. At times we feel that MULTI-TASKING or doing 2 things just on money is the better way of living. But what you do not understand is it diverts your focus you are not able to focus on one particular thing & that is when your thoughts start getting DILUTED.

The MOMENTS your thoughts start getting diluted the manifestation stops. Because the UNIVERSE gets confused, what is it that you’re wanting are you wanting to do the first thing or are you wanting to do the second thing so whenever you want to create something get focused on only one thing.

We always think that when we do MULTI-TASKING or do 2 things simultaneously. If you are in a business or if you are in a job.

To EARN MONEY we always focus on earning & getting money for our survival. But what we don’t understand once we focus a single PARTICULAR THING What you will see your ENERGY of your THOUGHTS Will start MANIFESTING & CREATING What your END RESULT or what your GOAL is.

But if you dilute your thoughts into 2 different aspects, the universe gets CONFUSED. The UNIVERSE does not understand what you want & it will not be able to see what you will be wanting because the universe creates and presents to you Whatever your FOCUS IS.

So do focus on 1 particular thing because at times we in the rush for lives or we in the rush of our survival only to EARN MONEY do MULTI-TASKING. But what multi-tasking does is it dilutes your focus & you are not able to create.

When we start working what we see Is we start seeing the MONEY FLOW  inside

& What we think is if we do it in a MULTI-TASKING way or we pick up 2 jobs or 2 different businesses your focus will get diluted.

And Neither will you be able to focus on the 1 thing nor would you be able to focus on the 2nd.  

If you start seeing that you just focus on 1 particular aspect of your life that particular aspect starts getting created. So always focus on 1 thing & you will see that the end result of even earning money will be multiplied.

It will not be DOUBLED but it will be MULTIPLIED. At times I’ve seen the RESULTS of more than 10X. So the RESULT depends on how you focus on a particular thing even a particular product.

BAJAJ SCOOTERS is one very important thing if you look at the case study of Bajaj scooters he focused on only the BIKES & that is how he created the magical journey of the Bajaj Bikes.

So it is very important to see & focus on how you want to create something VERY IMPORTANT.

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