Life is unimaginable without people around us & especially our strongest relationships whom we look for confiding in.

We want to be loved, cared for by the people around us, that is how we humans are. The more we are evolving the more our relationships are getting dense & complex.

At the same time, it’s a bitter truth that we can’t survive without them. We toss the relationships keep moving from one relationship status to another & even when we settle in a relationship we feel unhappy.

In my study of human patterns & past life case studies, I have observed that we are playing a certain character in this lifetime. And so is the other person sitting across the table & if our characteristics match we belong to each other.

I met a couple married for around 2 decades, they had no children. Yet they were so happy, I could see the sense of completion in the relationship. They would spend 1hour every day sharing their bits & pieces of life.

Even with everyone around them, I saw them busy sharing their happiness in each other as if they were talking with their own self forgetting that there was a world existing around them. 

That day I saw why there were break up issues in relationships. The major reason is that we are so scared of talking to our own self that it becomes to talk to someone else.

The fear of someone judging us stops us from confiding. We are so strongly imposing the character we are playing, we even forget we get hurt by our own acts. 

Life is not complexed by the other person sitting across, it is complexed by our own mind patterns. That is when the relationships in our life become darker & complexed.

The pain we build brick by brick creates a wall of pain within our body & we feel that the other person has hurt me.

If you look at your pattern you have hurt yourself by building the fortress & not letting anyone come inside, even you yourself are not allowed to talk to yourself.

The fear of losing the character you are shallows it all down breaking all the relationships around.

Our behavior patterns are built due to karmic debts are carried forward from the past lives or survival issues, self looking good factors. These patterns get imprinted on our DNA & are carried forward & passed to the next generations.

Release the patterns or they will be imprinted on the DNA of your coming generations. If, You can identify these patterns with the help of an expert or you can do the following by yourself by writing.

The DNA imprints can be more powerfully re-imprinted replacing the old patterns, gifting the upcoming generation’s love & blissful life.

  1. What irritates you the most in a situation?
  2. What are you react to the act someone does?
  3. How do you absorb the energy?
  4. Are you aggressive, violent or become silent in the situation?
  5. How do you feel once the storm is gone, drained or powerful?
  6. Once, When the storm is over how do you feel that you could have handled the situation in a better way?

Once you do these you will be able to read your patterns & work better on your mental metabolism. You will be able to handle your situations & relationships in a better way.

Start looking at your patterns as an OBSERVER & not as a DOER, you will get many answers to your RELATIONSHIP ISSUES.

LIFE is SIMPLE, the MIND complexes Things Around the US.



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5 Most Common Relationship Issues People Have In Modern World?

1. Communication is a core issue in today’s world.
2. Unappreciated Relationship complexities.
3. Self Patterns which stop the growth in relationships.
4. Past traumas, which hamper the closeness of the relationship.
5. Ego, which works as a self-destructive factor in the relationship.

How do you fix relationship problems?

1. Speak your heart to at least 1 person in your life, without thinking that you will be judged.
2. Keep a check on your patterns, on how you react to situations.
3. Appreciate & respect people who really care & are always there for you.
4. Write your traumas & find a way to resolve them.
5. Keep your Ego in check.

What is a Toxic Relationship?

Any relationship which is hampering your self-growth is toxic. A relationship where there is abuse, unsupportive emotionally, unhealthy emotions, belittling patterns or feeling of inferiority all these lead to a toxic & unhealthy relationship.
These relationships will always make you feel drained as a person.

The BODY is a Miraculous Machine which can heal itself & if you know & understand the power of it & combine it with the Superconscious Universal Intelligence, the healing can be Incredible. I will introduce you to your life today As Clarity leads to POWER.

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